Look at these work from home jobs in South Africa that pay well and where to find them. How to find remote work easily, start your own income stream online or get paid for simple marketing tasks.

All you need to work from home – All-inclusive No. 1

Work from home jobs in South Africa and where to find them

Full time, or part-time, working from home and earning well is easier than you think. All you need for the following work from home options, plus where to find them:

16 Websites for work from home typing, data-entry and transcribing

  • Computer Science
  • Creative remote positions
  • Remote marketing jobs
  • Marketing manager
  • Entry-level microservices
  • Typing for an income
  • Data-entry jobs
  • Telemarketing
  • General work from home jobs in South Africa
  • Online surveys
  • Blogging & affiliates
  • Amazon remote jobs
  • Freelance
  • Content writing / editor jobs
  • Work from home as a tutor
  • Get paid for your knowledge and answers
  • Where to find work from home jobs

Working from home in South Africa

The highest earning work from home jobs in South Africa are almost all from the computer science group.

Computer Science remote positions include:

  • Computer scientist
  • UX designer and UI developers are responsible for the site, or app, design of the user experience
  • SQL developers use code to write and manipulate the data that runs our online world
  • Web designers sometimes build websites but are mostly paid for their visual designs with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools
  • Web developers build, sometimes design, and maintain websites
  • Help desk worker or desktop support serves as support to help with tech issues
  • Software engineers, software developers and cloud engineers, DevOps engineers
  • Computer programmers for coding

Creative remote positions

  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Editor
  • Computer Animator
  • Photographer skills will get you into many positions, such as editing

Remote marketing jobs

  • SEO Specialist positions are mostly advertised on Google Jobs
  • Marketing, Digital or Email Specialist jobs
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Specialist/Manager work from home jobs are advertised on Google Jobs

More on Remote work jobs.

Entry-level microservices

There are websites that will pay you for microservices which take a few seconds or few minutes to complete. Jobs are simple and quick, like rating a page or product, creating testimonials, sharing a page, writing reviews or doing a Google search.

Search for jobs on Amazon, Turk and MicroWorkers of small, simple and quick services. The money you can earn depends on the time you work. Work more to earn more. You may take on as many services as you want. Many of these online, entry-level services are:

  • Data entry. If you can type fast and accurately on QWERTY and 10-Key
  • Take a paid survey
  • Get paid to write product reviews
  • Get paid to watch a video
  • Like or comment on a video
  • Write short articles at set rates

Typing for an income from home

Typists that can manage 100 wpm without errors, will find work in Google Jobs;
Transcriptionist agencies match transcribers with clients;
Enter data for companies.

Companies pay individuals for data entry work. Skills you will need for Online Data Entry Jobs Basic computer skills Decent typing skills Attention to detail Accuracy Organization Good communication Repetition tolerance

Check out these platforms for online data-entry jobs:

  • AccuTran Global
  • Axion Data Entry Services
  • Birch Creek Communications
  • Clickworker
  • DionData Solutions
  • The Smart Crowd
  • SigTrack
  • Microworkers
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Working Solutions

Telemarketing jobs from home

  • Telemarketer work are easy to find on Google Jobs
  • Customer Service
  • Help Desk is a fantastic work from home option. Get yourself certified to get the ball rolling

Work remotely with numbers

  • Accountancy – license needed
  • Bookkeeping – no license needed

General work from home jobs in South Africa

  • Virtual Assistants provide secretarial support from home. Jobs are advertised on Google Jobs;
  • Dog walkers and pet sitters are needed in every town and city
  • Translators
  • Delivery drivers
  • Uber drivers
  • Amazon is always hiring, and they love to work from home. Jobs are advertised and found via the Google Jobs search bar

Getting paid for online survey jobs

Online surveys help a company understand its customer better. With your answers, they increase sales. In this online job, you earn from home thanks to your opinion through a survey. Follow these easy steps to make money through surveys: Do your homework thoroughly. Find legitimate companies that offer surveys and pay for them.

After joining with an online survey company, you will receive surveys by email notification. Complete the surveys and get paid. The pay is not very much, so consider signing up with a few survey companies and regularly complete surveys.

Four online survey options worth checking out:

  • Survey Junkie is a popular online survey site with lots of paid surveys
  • American Consumer Opinion emails its members one screening survey per month. Expect one full-length, well-paying, survey per season
  • Opinion Outpost has many online surveys, but for lower pay
  • Swagbucks offers targeted, long surveys that pay well, and short surveys that pay almost nothing

Some options are for America-based consumers only. Read carefully before signing up. The golden rule: Do not pay to join panels.

Similar to online surveys, are online focus groups.

Many of the online survey companies also offer paid online focus groups. An online focus group requires more time than surveys. Usually you have to join a panel and partake on a weekly basis. Issues will be targeted in every session. Compared to online paid surveys, online focus groups are quite selective and require you to meet certain criteria to qualify.

For example, baby products will need the feedback from mothers of babies. You have a responsibility to remember that your answers influence companies’ future decisions.

Online surveys and focus groups are great online jobs for simply sharing feedback, but your opinions really matters. Focus groups pay their contributors much better than surveys. Joining both online surveys and focus groups can be a good earn from home option.

Blogging & Affiliates

Blogging is the answer for many digital nomads and individuals wanting to work from home. Successful blogs can make a lot of money. Follow these easy steps to make your blog successful:

  • Publish quality content every week
  • Use good images. The internet has many websites offering fantastic copy-free images
  • Market your blog on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Promote affiliate products and earn through every sale. This is called affiliate marketing
  • An affiliate like Google AdSense will pay for every visitor click an ad. More visitors to your blog means more clicks and money

Amazon jobs from home

This portal shopping giant is also an affiliate. You can earn from home by adding Amazon products on your blog. Follow these easy steps to make good money with Amazon:

  • Sign up as an affiliate partner
  • Browse products that you can market. Your audience and product needs to be a good match. E.g a food blog will sell kitchen items
  • Market your products on social media. The best methods include growing a group of followers with the same interest field. This group is called a quality audience. There is little point to showing bicycles to car enthusiasts
  • Update your blog and social media regularly with quality content
  • Together with Google AdSense, Amazon is an excellent affiliate marketing choice

Content writers are in great demand because regular, new content on websites / blogs are essential. Work from home as a writer in one of these fields:

  • Editor jobs are easy to find on Google Jobs
  • Proofreaders are in high demand
  • Copy editors
  • Content creators are always in demand. Work from home and earn a living by writing new, quality, online content

Good one-stop websites for freelance writing jobs are Online Writing Jobs, Upwork and Textbroker. Creating website content is a popular freelance option.

But internet readers are fast-paced, and each paragraph needs to be solid information blocks, as stipulated by Google itself. To save on excessive research time, look for freelance writing jobs with specific subjects and look for topics that you are knowledgeable on.

Work from home as a tutor

Online teaching jobs have become very common and the most popular online teaching jobs are:

  • Teaching English from home, online, is for many a full time job that pays well. TEFL is a fast and affordable course that prepares online tutors to teach English internationally. You can join an online agency that helps you find online teaching jobs
  • Become an online tutor. There are more homeschooled students than ever before, and they need tutors. Or helping International children with English are simpler than teaching English online, and the pay is good. It is possible to earn a great income as an online teacher
  • Teaching one of your skills on YouTube or Zoom can earn you a good extra income. Post your videos on your blog, which also have a secondary income through an affiliate income like Google AdSense. Again, you will need to do marketing on social media to get the word out

Work from home with Facebook Facebook has billions of users. These users can be your buyers, people you advertise products to or where you advertise your blog / website on.

The most popular ways to earn through Facebook is:

Buying and selling on Marketplace. Facebook’s Marketplace is a great place to sell second hand / new items on. Buy low, sell high.

Facebook Business Pages are perfect for sales and brand awareness. It is also free. Facebook groups let you market to a quality audience. A quality audience means you have a lot of people together that are interested in the group’s theme. Example: A plant and gardening expert has a YouTube channel and blog. Mr Gardener earns from home on his online job. The income is through advertising, product sales and affiliate marketing, like Google AdSense. Mr Gardener advertises his new content, videos and products on Facebook.

Work from home is the answer JustAnswer’s questions are about vehicles and tech, law or business, health and home improvement, pets and homework. Get paid for your knowledge and answers.

The amount you get paid depends on your skills, qualifications or experience. A good platform to approach is Wonder. Payment amounts start at about $40 for completed questions.

Freelancers work from home

Offer your skills and services on freelancer websites, such as Fiverr and Freelancer. Look at other freelancers and how they present themselves. Be inspired.

Follow these easy steps to work from home:

Sign up with a website that offers online jobs and select the tasks that are best suited to your schedule. Websites that exist to bring you work from home jobs are:

  • Fiverr
  • SEOClerks
  • GigBucks
  • Envato Studio
  • Zeerk
  • Truelancer
  • Guru
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • UpWork
  • CrowdSource
  • ProBlogger Marketplace
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Design Crowd
  • SimplyHired
  • DigitalMarket


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