Working remotely is the new normal and here to stay

Working remotely is the new normal and here to stay and here is why:

Remote jobs are the way of the future, working remotely has seen a massive increase due to the pandemic. Working from home works with social distancing.

Working remotely is the new normal because of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0

Until recently our biggest concern at the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, was the threat of being replaced by AI.

The World Economic Forum Question

Just pre-pandemic, The World Economic Forum was quoted as “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another… We do not yet know just how it will unfold…”

According to the Becker Friedman Institute of the University of Chicago, 42% of US layoffs will be permanent job loss. As a result of these job losses these positions are in fact being organically phased out just as Industry 4.0 was set to do. This was the “how it unfolded” to The World Economic Forum’s question above.

The result of this historic wave of 2020 unemployment is a massive increase of remote jobs. Working remotely is the new normal.

Remote Jobs – Working from home is the new normal.

Let’s consider that 10% of the 40+ million Americans (that have applied for unemployment benefits this year) will turn to remote Entry-Level tech jobs and online freelance positions just to stay afloat.

Does the inexperienced Engineering, IT or Communications and Marketing student still stand a chance of getting these jobs? Not likely given the increased competition and available experience and skills flooding the job market. Will the tech industry be much more powerful? Yes.

Working remotely is the new normal because of the Corona-forced experiment.

Since the Corona-forced experiment of work from home proved successful, many companies, including Facebook, are shifting to keep staff remote – indefinitely. Previously against employment from home, Mark Zuckerberg now plans for 50 percent of its 45,000-person workforce to work remotely within the next decade.

Employing remote engineers for example will massively impact the pool of available tech talent and tech zones like the Bay Area and Seattle, will see massive changes, as will the real estate.

One of the first predictable changes are lower pay. Depending on the cost of living of your remote work location, Facebook will lower paychecks to reflect those cheaper costs.

Other industries are going through their own changes and one of the safest situations to be in right now is the job that can be remotely carried out. Working from home works with social distancing.

A few examples of our most popular remote employment job titles include:


– Remote student advisory staff
– Call center remote jobs positions
– Remote complaints processing jobs
– Customer service remote jobs
– Remote Customer Service & Technical Support Advisor jobs
– Remote Admissions Counselor Jobs
– Call Center Representative remote jobs
– Remote Customer Service Representative Jobs
– Remote Patient Care Coordinator Jobs
* These are just a few Customer Service job positions that can be performed remotely and online.


– Online Proofreader – Quality Assurance – Healthcare jobs
– Remote Site Manager jobs
– Digital Outreach Director remote jobs
– Remote Narrative Designer Job
– Technical Writer remote jobs vacancy
– Remote Technical Writer jobs
– Remote Copy editor – Proofreader
– Freelancer Jobs
– Business Copy Editor remote job vacancy
– Remote online Content Manager and Creator job
* There are many other Editing and Writing job positions that can be performed remotely and online. Writing, proof reading and copy editing remote work typically works well.


– Online High School Math Teacher
– Remote teaching jobs
– Online tutor jobs
– Online TEFL English Teaching
– Remote TVET jobs (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) to help adapt material and training to online formats like Zoom classes, education
– Online Course Facilitators remote jobs
* The teaching jobs sector is expected to grow exponentially and educators will see many online remote teaching jobs in the future.


– Remote Full-stack engineer jobs
– Senior Java Developer remote jobs
– Remote Software Engineer – Deployment jobs
– Remote Computer Vision Engineer job vacancy
– IT Application Architect remote jobs
– Remote Senior Engineer, Full Stack job
– Front-End Engineer remote jobs
– Remote Control Systems Engineer work
– Remote Staff Engineer – DevOps employment
– Cloud DevOps Engineer remote work
* And many other Engineering job positions that can be performed remotely and online.


– Remote Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs
– In-Patient Coder job
– Remote Clinical Laboratory Support Specialist job
– Registered Nurse (RN) Assessor/Reviewer work
* And many other Healthcare job positions that can be performed remotely and online.

REMOTE HR / recruiter JOBS

– Remote Recruiter, Product and Design Jobs
– Talent Manager, HR and People Operations remote jobs
– Remote Head of People Operations vacancy
– Career Material Advisor remote jobs
– Remote Career Coach online job
* And many other HR job positions that can be performed remotely and online.


– Remote software development jobs
– Remote / freelance design jobs including User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) Design
– Remote IT support specialist jobs
– LIMS implementation specialist remote jobs
– Remote IT site coordinator jobs
– Remote Linux administrator positions
– Cyber security remote jobs
– Customer support engineer remote jobs
– Remote Computer Vision Engineer Jobs
– Remote Chief Technology Officer jobs
– Graphic Designer Remote / Freelance Job
– Remote Pixel Artist Job
– Senior Digital Optimization Developer remote work
– Remote Oracle Database Administrator – Leader
– Online Gaming Industry jobs
– Remote IT Help Desk Associate work
– Customer Service & Technical Support Advisor remote jobs
– Remote Desktop Technician job
– Remote IT Operations/Help Desk Technician work
– Online YouTube Coordinator remote jobs vacancy
– Remote End User Computing Engineer work
– Junior IT Production remote Engineer job
– Remote Student Assistant – IT Help Desk work
* Working remotely compliments this industry sector. Freelance and remote IT job positions will be plentiful.


– Remote payroll and accounts payable accountant job
– Staff accountant remote jobs
– Remote Bookkeeper – Administrative Assistant vacancy
– Hospital Insurance Follow-Up Representative remote employment
– Junior Staff Accountant remote jobs job
– Senior Staff remote Accountant job
* And many other management, financial and insurance job positions that can be performed remotely and online.


– Transcriber remote work
– Remote Conferencing and Business Transcription Job
– Remote / freelance Social Media Manager Job
– Facebook Advertising Manager remote job
– Social Media Organizer work
– Remote Product Marketing Manager
– Remote Customer Engagement Utilities Software Sales jobs
– Inside Sales remote Representative jobs
– Senior Social and Digital Marketing Manager vacancy
– Internet Sales Representative jobs
– Social Media Community Manager work
– Remote Category Management Intern vacancy
* And many other sales and marketing job positions that can be performed remotely and online.


– Copy-writing remotely
– Remote General Administration job
– Data-Entry work
– Remote Administrative Assistant Job
– Marketing Technical Virtual Assistant remote job
– Remote Billing & Data Entry work
– General remote Office Clerk jobs
– Remote Virtual Assistant vacancies
– Office Assistant remote jobs
– Remote Administrative and Marketing Coordinator Job
– Remote General Clerk Job
* Many office job positions and virtual assistance work can be performed remotely and online.

The ideal candidate for a remote vacancy will have good communication skills, great work ethic, and a fast internet.

Very importantly, a candidate’s resume needs to convey the candidate’s capabilities to work in a solo, remote capacity. You may not be able to build a reputation on what you’re going to do but you can create confidence.

All these changes bring new interview needs and require updates to your approach and resume. “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson
Your interview and resume is all the interviewer gets to go on. Sell yourself!


– Independence (self-starter and proactive individuals make excellent remote workers). Instill confidence in your capability to self discipline and motivate.
Predicted interview questions will want to know your strategy regarding self motivation for example. Include information such as relying on task management through timed to-do calendar lists.

– Ability to stay focused and dedication to deadlines are 2 essential qualities for the home worker in a remote job. Include strategies such as using website blockers, keeping personal email and WhatsApp accounts off during certain hours etc. to avoid distractions and stay focused.

– Capability of clear virtual communication tools are very important. Outline that your work environment is calm and ideal for online meetings / conferences any time.

– Self-motivated candidates that can balance multiple remote projects simultaneously. Include self help habits that help you divide available work / deadline hours according to project urgency.

– Qualities of being proactive helps the interviewer understand that you can take initiative when needed. Conveying self management habits include organizing skills, keeping daily stock of inbox and outbox realities (jobs done and those in progress) plus a helpful eye for actions that may improve the outcome of current projects and accounts. Weekly updates to your superior with a summary of the previous week and plans for the coming week.

Also include that you typically predicted the expected, relevant client/superior account questions, and aim to include information without the need for that question. Covering that aspect in your communication is a simple and effective form of communication.

– Instill confidence by making clear that you perform well under pressure. If, during emergencies, you cannot reach your superior, you will:

Remain calm, collected and rational while handling as much as possible on your own and documenting the situation 100% along the way. Communicating the situation clearly to the first layer of individuals that need to be informed – including the documented situation with your steps of actions.


1) Establish for yourself whether you are looking for permanent or temporary, full or half day, contract or freelance remote work. Consider all possible financial and lifestyle benefits.

2 ) Consider your needs regarding work location. In certain instances, remote work means no physical face-to-face meetings ever. Alternatively some remote vacancies require monthly meetings in person.

3) Preferences to work remotely by yourself may be challenged in companies that have a culture of team work with regular online meetings.

4) Are you wishing to work hours that are flexible and up to you, as long as you get the job done? Some companies are open to this, but others will demand a 9 – 5 remote workday. In the case of International employment, work hour requirements can get complicated if the company adheres to these traditional schedules.

5) When job searching, be proactive and inquire from existing job ads, which can be performed remotely but do not include ‘remote’ whether they will consider remote workers.

Nobody wants to hire someone who knows less than they do about what he’s hired to do. Especially if that worker is going to operate remotely. Search fields relevant to your experience.

“Human interaction has become an oxymoron
The world is brimming with interaction, but there’s no place for anything human within them” – by Epik High

Working remotely is the new normal.

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Working remotely is the new normal
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