Online Sassa Grant Application

The Online Sassa Grant Application portal allows the public to apply for child support, older persons and foster child grants online.

This week the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) brought a welcome solution to the public. Instead of standing in long lines and sometimes queuing for hours, the Online Sassa Grant Application portal allows the public to apply for:

  • Sassa foster child grant
  • Sassa older persons grant
  • Sassa child support grant – All eligible children will now receive an increase to the new total of R720, (including the standard R480 Child Support Grant and an extra R240 – 50% of the basic CSG)
  • Sassa Grant Application Online submission of the required supporting, and certified, documentation linked to the application
  • Change of applicant details and circumstances such as address, payment method, banking details
  • Status of the Sassa grant application

For the Online Sassa Grant Application, you will need to provide:

  • Applicants or their proxy will need to confirm or provide the below information to enable SASSA to consider their Online Sassa Grant Application
    • Confirmation that you have read and accepted the clauses in the Declaration and Consent Documents
    • Personal details
    • Mobile cell phone number
    • Employment information and lifestyle sustainability information
    • Banking information
  • Visit to sign up, make a note of all documents you will need. These could include identity documents of applicant and spouse, banking details and application forms
  • get all these required documents certified by a commissioner of oaths.

When all documents are supplied as requested by Sassa, the turnaround time is 10 days. IMPORTANT: all documents have to be certified by a commissioner of oaths.

Once an Online Sassa Grant Application is completed, a receipt will be generated and grant application feedback will be sent to the Sassa grant applicant via SMS or e-mail.

Check your Online Sassa Grant Application status like this:

Applicants for the social relief of distress grant (SRD) R350 can check the current processing status of their grant applications as advised by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Take a look at the terms below and see what SASSA needs from you regarding your Online Sassa Grant Application:

Status ‘application complete’:
Your SASSA applicant or reapplication has been completed and will be verified each month for the R350 SRD grant payment.
NOTE: Applicants must visit the SASSA website each month to check their verification and payment status.

Bank details pending:
Your SASSA application or reapplication was received, but you still need to provide banking details or preferences.
NOTE: You should submit your banking details via the website.

Reapplication pending:
You have not yet applied or reapplied as no Online Sassa Grant Application or reapplication has been received.
NOTE: You must submit your application via the website. 

Aug Pending:
You have not visited the SASSA website to verify the August payment status. Or it has not been received yet.
NOTE: You must go to the SASSA website and verify, or if you have already, check back later for an update.

Aug Approved:
Your application for August has been approved.
NOTE: Check the pay day block to see when you will receive your SRD grant money. It may be that no pay date is provided, as no payment has been processed as yet.

August Declined:
Your application was declined for August.
NOTE: Visit the SASSA website and check the reason. Then submit a request for reconsideration, if you think that the reason provided is invalid.

Applicant access to payment dates of the SRD grant. The SRD grant dates are published monthly and before the payment dates.

NOTE: Check these dates in order to stay updated on your account.

You can also apply via WhatsApp: 082 046 8553

To confirm that you still qualify for, and need this SRD Grant: WhatsApp 082 046 8553

New Sassa rules for submitting a R350 Grant Appeal.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) continues to tackle a huge SRD grant payment backlog of applicants who have lodged application appeals after an initial application.

Apply for an appeal to a rejected application status.

If your application was declined for any period from April 2022, you may submit an appeal by accessing the DSD appeals website.

You may appeal  an application rejection by SASSA to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) if you answer YES to all three of the below  questions.

In the case of appealing the COVID-19 SRD application:

  • You will be asked if you applied to SASSA for the Covid-19 SRD on the electronic platform;
  • Whether you got a rejection notification for the application;
  • And if you disagree with that rejection?

Lodge your appeal for your declined R350 grant application within 30 days and no later than 90 days.

You will then be advised to follow the following steps:

  1. Double check your information as it appears on SRD DSD Appeal Electronic Platform, and which you originally provided to SASSA, is complete and correct.
  2. Make double, triple sure that  your contact information is current and correct.  The Independent Tribunal will direct SASSA to initiate the payment of the Covid-19 SRD directly to you if your appeal is successful and therefore need your correct contact information.
  3. Confirm that you have read and accepted the clauses in the Declaration and Consent Documents.
  4. Click “Submit” and receive the confirmation message on the page of your application submission.

For further assistance contact:

Department of Social Development

Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA)

Private Bag x 901, Pretoria, 0001

Tel: 012 312 7727
Fax: 086 534 3124 or 086 216 371

More on SASSA social grant plus South Africa’s Provincial office addresses and contact details for SASSA social grant application and queries.

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