JOB SKILLS – Top 10 approved guides

Essential Job Skills

Recruiters make use of ATS (applicant tracking system) software to instantly identify job skills for CV and resume submissions. If you want to get hired fast, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the required job skills on the vacancy advertisement and how to  incorporate your matching job skills on your resume. We suggest that you make use of our free CV so that you can tweak your resume to perfection for every application.

Sales and Marketing skills for Jobs in South Africa: In sales and marketing, the aim is to promote and sell. Sales reps execute sales strategies and has to reach targets. Marketers build brand awareness, advertising campaigns, and grow target audience

Office skills for Jobs in South Africa: To get and hold a recruiter’s attention for office jobs, you have to understand which office skills are required for different positions, which skills are advantageous and how include them in your resume and cover letter.

IT skills for jobs in South Africa: Although the many different IT jobs are varied in technical duties, they all work with computers, websites, installation and security, repair or maintain, troubleshooting soft and hardware issues.

Engineering skills for jobs in South Africa: Engineer career paths vary from construction, to software. Make sure to highlight the highest ranking Engineering skills that also match your own by including them in your CV and cover letter.

Health Care skills for jobs in South Africa – There are many Healthcare career fields and career types in South Africa. Each job has unique skill requirements. 

Transport skills for jobs in South Africa: Make your CV stand out by carefully highlighting your unique skills. Many transport jobs in South Africa share similar skills and you must mention these details in your CV or interview if they are relevant.

Construction skills for jobs in South Africa: To work in construction, you can be entry-level, with no experience or a degree. Skill shortages open up opportunities, and gaining skills are easier than expected – and possibly free. We’ll show you how!

Upskill with free online courses or

TVET colleges have super low fees and allow students without matric – At TVET, students can get A National Senior Certificate or sign up for technical and vocational education and training, even without a matric. Fees are super affordable and study loans are available.

ATS software can be to your advantage because it will definitely identify what you include in your resume. Unlike humans, it will not accidentally overlook a detail. Therefore, make sure to understand the job requirements before planning which of your career highlights to elaborate on, valuable experience and skills to include. 

Hard skills refer to trainable, teachable and testable qualities, e.g. typing speed.

Soft skills are characteristics, behaviors and attitudes with which a job is done, e.g. patience.


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