Questions and Answers of online interviews – top job approved guide

Questions and Answers of online interviews – Do your online interview successfully

Virtual interviews save time, can be recorded for further consideration and can connect numerous interviewers. Some recruiters interview online during preliminary phases, while others may do every stage of the hiring process by online interview. 

How to prepare and succeed at online interviews

Make sure you have a strong, secure internet connection, that your sound works well, and get very familiar with the platform ahead of time. It helps to connect with a friend or family member on that platform (i.e. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime). 

Request the following information from the individual you are booking the interview with:

1) Are the interview questions pre-recorded, or is there a human on the other end? 

2) If the interview is with a human, will it be both video and audio, or only audio? 

3) Will you be allowed to have extra tries when you record your answers, should the interview be pre-recorded? 

4) What do they prefer you do should there be unforeseen technical difficulties? 

5) When can you expect to hear back from the agency?

Practice online interview questions and answers.

Question 1

Tell us more about yourself. 

Answer: Name, surname, and age, education and academic achievements that are relevant to the position plus experience and skills, hard and soft, that you have and know they’re looking for. 

Tip: go through the requirements’ section of the job ad and list all the skills you find. See which of these skills are in your own set.  

Finish off by telling the interviewer how you have always wanted to end up working for the specific company as you think it is prestigious and respected in the industry, and therefore would be an honor. 

Question 2

Why do you want this job?  

Answer: Be enthusiastic when you convey that you look forward to the new challenges and experiences and feel confident and excited because your experience has prepared you perfectly for the position. Aim to fit together the skills required, your hard and soft skills, plus how your interests and passion aligns perfectly with the position. 


“I look forward to the challenge of marketing and selling a wide range of  holiday packages and services to a diverse customer base.  I picked up valuable design, current and on-trend content creation plus  excellent communication skills in my last position for a large online retailer. In this marketing role, I more than doubled an existing sales record through my social media accounts as influencer. I look forward to using the design and communication experience plus my passion for travel in this global tourism company to match the individual with the ideal experience.”

Question 3

Why do you think you are the best person for this vacancy, and why should we hire you?

Answer: to answer best, find out what is their goal by researching the position and company before the online interview. Your answer should include how your skills (again, use the buzzwords they are looking for!) will help drive the company to their goal and that you have experience in the steps needed of you. 

TIP: Prepare 2 cards max and stick them up in your view, but out of sight of the online interviewer. Add here your skills that mirror the skills mentioned in the ad. Include these skills into your answers when you explain why you see yourself as the ideal candidate for the job. 

Mention a not-so-distant job that prepared you to do exactly what is needed in this position. Be clear on how you will benefit the company, and remember to say that you want to work for them. 

Question 4

What motivates and inspires you?  

Answer: Use your enthusiasm and give the interviewer insight to the energy you will bring to your job!

Example: “I always want the customer to be excited about their purchase, and for the product / service to exceed their expectations. Getting  happy feedback or seeing a familiar return-customer’s name motivates me”.

Consider carefully what image you wish to convey since you will be asked about your personal strengths, weaknesses and traits.

Question 5

What is your top career achievement up to date? 

Answer example: “I increased the online sales of the wool, crochet and knitting department in the previous retail company that I worked for by 276% in one year. 

Research showed me that crochet items have been trending for an extensive period and that young people from both genders enjoy doing the craft.  I suggested to my manager that we get a photograph shoot of a group of 20-something year-old friends, crocheting together on a train. I wanted to splash these on social media like Instagram, alongside photographs of famous young trend-setters that also love to knit. 

Furthermore, I also asked my manager if I could book advertising space in 10 main train stations. She said yes and helped clear the budget to it all. 

It was a hit! Our target market now included a whole new age demographic and the sales rolled in.”

TIP: Speak about the achievement plus how you prepared, researched and executed the plan. Make sure to include the help and support you received from others 

Question 6

Why do you want to leave your current job? 

Answer:  Absolutely never speak negative of the current company, job or co-workers. A great way to answer this question, if possible, is by placing focus on the desirability of the job you are interviewing for and that you feel it offers you a fantastic opportunity at a time that you are ready. 

Finally, ask your interviewer politely for a few answers in return. 

Questions you should ask at the end of  your online interview :

Put together your own short list of  well-researched, questions. These will be as valuable as your great answers. Find inspiration in our (LINK) guidelines (LINK) for successful applications and interviews. 

Prepare the interview room:

Prepare your seating area beforehand:

Ideally, use a seating area with good (natural) lighting in front of your face and turn off overhead lights to eliminate shadows on you.

Remove audio and visual distractions. Switch off email and other notifications. To present yourself professionally, ensure your background space is neat, and clear of clutter, pets and other humans. Do not use a virtual background, but instead opt for a wall, plant  or neat bookcase. Bathrooms and kitchens must not be visible. 

Raise the surface of your laptop so that you can look straight at the screen. Tablets or smartphones, should not be hand-held, but rather stabilized on a tripod too. Again at eye level.

Instead of just being punctual, be 10 minutes early. Log on, test microphones, and double-check the platform plus everything in your notes. 

Present yourself as neatly as you would in person. Have an A-game regarding your hair, teeth, face and clothing. First impressions matter as much in your online job interview and tells a story about you plus how serious you take the process.

Refrain from drinking coffee or tea during the online interview. If your mouth gets dry when you are nervous, keep a clear glass of water nearby and only take a sip when you must. Sit still without fidgeting while looking your interviewer in the eye.  

While being nervous in interviews is normal, it can unfortunately ruin your chances even if you are the perfect candidate. Practice with a friend or family member beforehand and manage the speed you talk. Listen carefully at your interviewer and wait a second before you respond. This pause gives you a better chance to answer well, and it conveys to the recruiter that you are in control of your actions. 

Record the interview on a nearby phone. The recording will give you valuable insight on how you can improve your interviewing skills. 

2 Days later, thank your interviewer with a short, but genuine email. Give appreciation for their time and the much-enjoyed interview. End off by expressing your keen interest in the job. 

Questions and Answers of online interviews
Questions and Answers of online interviews

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