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Government Vacancies and the Z83 Form Guide

The Z83 form must accompany an application for a Government Vacancy in South Africa. Every part of Z83 form is explained, with all questions and requirements, plus where to download or get it.

Understanding the application process for Government Vacancies in South Africa includes knowledge of the Z83 form, where to find it, the correct CV format and register centers. It is all explained below and easier than you think. 

The Z83 form:

Jobseekers wishing to apply for a specific advertised Government Vacancy in a government 

department must fill in the Z83 form and attach it to the CV when they apply..

Your job application must be accompanied by the latest Z83 form, with all the required fields filled in completely and accurately. 

The Z83 form requires basic information. After being selected for an interview, and in order to qualify for the final selection, you will be told what extra certified information to provide.

The purpose of the Z83 form is to help the National department during their selection process for an advertised position, and to identify interviewing candidates.

The Employment Equity Act, 1998, states that this information must be obtained, and the information has to directly relate to the requirements of the vacancy.

Your personal information, such as address, ID or passport number in the case of foreigners, will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed for any other reason other than his / her candidate suitability status. 

All sections regarding the advertised post section on the Z83 form must be filled in. They include:

The post and position you are applying for. Use the same title as seen in the advertisement

State in which department the position is advertised for

Give the reference number as shown in the advertisement. 

What is the earliest date you can start should you get the job, or how much notice time your current employer needs?

Your personal details must be filled in correctly.  Double-check the ID number and write neatly.

Provide the following personal information: 

– Your surname and full names 

– Date of birth DD/MM/YY (in the order of day/month/year) 

– Identity number or passport number if you are a foreigner 

– State your race as African, white, coloured Indian or other 

– What gender are you? Female or male 

– Do you have a disability? Yes No 

– State your nationality f you are a foreigner and whether you have a valid LINK work permit LINK

– Provide details if you have been convicted or found guilty of a criminal offense, and you have admitted to being guilty.

– Provide details if you have any pending criminal case against you. 

– Provide details if you have previously been dismissed for misconduct from the Public Service?

– Enter the details, should you currently have a  pending disciplinary case against you? 

Expect the provisions of the Public Service Act to apply if you have recently resigned from a job pending a disciplinary proceeding against you.

Mention if you have been discharged or retired from the Public Service because of health challenges or due to not being re-employable. 

Provide the details should you be conducting business with the State or are a Director of a company conducting business with the State (Public or Private). Will you, upon possible employment in the Public Service, be willing to immediately relinquish such business interests? 

Provide your total number of work experience years that you have in Private and / or Public Sector.

You will be asked for a date and particulars of registration, should your profession or position need official registration.

Important points to remember on the Z83 form:


Your information must be the same as the details in your ID or passport. 

You may offer extra information if there is not enough space.

For most part, certification that is up 

to 6 months old are accepted with applications, and sometimes older is allowed.  

Correct information, spelling and neat writing that anyone can read.

Fill in all blocks even if you write, I don’t know.

Remember to sign and initial the Z83 form. Without your signature,  your application may be disqualified. 

Section C of the Z83 form requires your contact details and medium of communication.

You will be asked what is your preferred language and method for 

correspondence (I.e. post, e-mail, telephone) plus your contact details. 

Section D will ask you to grade your speech capabilities as ‘good’, ‘fair’, or ‘poor’ in: 

– Languages (specify) 

– Speaking 

– Reading and writing

Section E requires details of your formal education, including: 

– Name of school or technical college. – Name of qualification obtained and date of graduation. 

– Current study institution and qualification.

Section F needs information about work experience and asks you to attach a detailed CV (get your free CV here)

– Provide details of your previous and current employers, plus the job position and your reason for leaving.

– You will be asked to provide the name of the previous Public Service department that you worked for if there is any reason that prevents you to be hired again, and why.

Section G asks about your references’ names, contact details and relationship/s to you. 

Last 2 steps:

Finally, you will be asked to declare that all Information on your Z83 form is 100% truthful, complete and correct.

Attach your Curriculum Vitae (CV) PDF and make sure that work experience, education, qualifications and skills are up-to-date and correct. Remember to keep your CV short and to the point. 

Included in your CV should be:

Your surname; first names; date and country of birth; identity number; male/female; married/single; state of your health; driver’s license; address and contact numbers

Find your way to the best, and 100% FREE, CV’s.

If you still need help with the application process and your way around the Z83 form, visit or contact a Career Development Services Center. 

The Department of Higher Education and Training offers career development services to help with career advice.

SMS or “Please Call Me”: 072 204 5056

Telephone: 086 999 0123

E-Mail: careerhelp@dhet.gov.za

Website: www.careerhelp.org.za

National Career Advice Portal: http://ncap.careerhelp.org.za

Walk-in Center: 123 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria

Or ask at your nearest government job registration center in South Africa. These can be found at: 

– Center for Public Service 

– Department of Higher Education and Training

– Department of Labour

– Department of Public Service Administration

– National School of Government

– Office of the Public Service Commission

The demand for government jobs in South Africa is strong and if you are an active jobseeker,  you will know that Topjobseeker.com and Info-Desk publishes new government vacancies daily. 

Vacancies, internships and learnerships that are advertised on these two websites are from the following national government departments:

– Arts and Culture

– Basic Education

– Civilian Secretariat for Police

– Commission on Gender Equality

– Communications and Digital Technologies

– Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

– Correctional Services

– Defense

– Employment and Labour

– Energy

– Forestry, Fisheries and Environment

– Government Communication and Information System

– Health

– Higher Education and Training

– Home Affairs

– Human Settlements

– Independent Police Investigative Directorate

– International Relations and Cooperation

– Justice and Constitutional Development

– Land Reform and Rural Development

– Military Veterans

– Mineral Resources

– National School of Government

– National Treasury

– Office of the Chief Justice

– Parliament of South Africa

– Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

– Public Enterprises

– Public Service and Administration

– Public Service Commission

– Public Works and Infrastructure

– Statistics SA

– Social Development

-Small Business Development

– SA Revenue Service

– SA Police Service

– The Presidency

– Tourism

– Transport

– Trade, Industry and Competition

– Water Affairs and Sanitation

– Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the Z83 form, having your CV ready, knowing about the latest Government Vacancies in South Africa and applying regularly make the steps to getting hired.

You can download and complete Form Z83 right here. 


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