A SOUTH AFRICAN GETTING FREE INTERNET DATA GUIDE: Getting free internet data to jobhunt is an essential need for the South African unemployed. We found you Apps, bundle packages and free access venues that will help.

Getting free internet data for jobseekers in South Africa is essential because:
1) you have to keep an eye on available employment daily,
2) but you can’t because you don’t have free data. This catch 22 is a familiar situation for South Africans that don’t have an income and thus no internet access.

South Africa is the continent’s most developed economy but it also has had the greatest number of confirmed Covid-19 infections. Our leaders tried to balance public health with national welfare through essential economic activity and now more than half of South Africa lives below the poverty line. More than ever before, jobs are what our people need.

Getting free internet data in South Africa is our wish for you so that you can start job hunting effectively. We will leave no stone upturned until we find a solution to this problem as South Africa is one of the most internet-expensive countries in the world and our South African jobseekers actually need free internet to jobhunt!

We looked into all the possible ways for you to get free (and cheapest) internet in South Africa. Listed below is what we found so far, including free Apps on which individuals share free WiFi zones plus passwords, other Cost-free Wireless Networks and open ones plus free library access and nearly free bundle packages.

Let’s look at alternatives for free internet access in South Africa

● Getting free internet in Public Libraries in South Africa:

Many South African Public Libraries offer a limited amount of free internet access.

  • Contact the Library and Information Association of South Africa to enquire about why your library does not yet offer this service and qhen it can be expected:

Physical Address:
228 Johannes Ramokhoase Street (Previously Proes Street)
Pretoria (Annex to the National Library of South Africa)

Tel: +27 (0) 12 328 2010 or +27 (0) 12 323 4912
Fax: +27 (0) 12 323 1033


Tel: +27(0)12 324 6096
Fax: +27(0)86 694 7272

Administrative Officer

Tel: +27(0)12 323 4912
Fax: +27(0)12 323 1033

  • Or Contact the Department of Library Services:

Physical Address:
University of Pretoria
Level 3
cnr Lynnwood Road and Roper Street
Pretoria, South Africa

Tel: +27 12 420 5375/6

● Free Applications that shows you the where and how of Getting free internet data in South Africa:

Service Wi-Fi Space is an App platform where coordinates are shared by users to WiFi points plus passwords to them.

Wi-Fi Space offers its users:

  • updated Wi-Fi access points map with a constantly updated password;
  • easy and fast map navigation through the map to free Wi-Fi in South Africa
  • all the hospitality venues that offer free Wi-Fi, such as cafes and restaurants, coffee shops and fast food outlets, hotels and airports, cities, regions and countries.
  • the option to add your own Wi-Fi hotspots with or without a password.

To map Free Wi-Fi points is always available after installing the app. Wi-Fi Space is available on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

Find them and never look back:

▪ Wiman Shared WiFi network is an option for finding free internet hotspots and while moving, Wiman instantly  and automatically connects your smartphone to the closest WiFi nearby.

Wiman also  makes all of this hassle-free by means of a map that 1) shows where you are in relation to the internet or 2) lets you look at the available internet spots regardless of where you are.

Find and sign up.

● Getting free internet access through an App called Free Basics via offers you the benefits of free data to a specific set of websites.

Facebook and Samsung, Ericsson and MediaTek, Nokia, Opera Software and Qualcomm formed a partnership to bring affordable access to a selection of Internet services.

Available to South Africans with Cell C.
● Next we look at South African internet-providing companies. Below are the companies that offer free or special internet (2020) rates. For example Vodacom offers limited free access and Neotel offers very good rates for even the tightest budget:

▪ Getting free internet data through Vodacom:

19 of the 23 South African Universities’ including the University of Cape Town (UCT) student and staff subscribers of Vodacom can now enjoy free internet access – on specific content. For other content, Vodacom offers an e-rates of 50% discount on agreed sites.

▪ Getting nearly free internet data through Afrihost:

You are not expected to sign up for permanent contracts. On offer – services and reduced rates, as found on the Afrihost website for 2020:

Afrihost services include: Fibre, LTE Fixed Wireless, ADSL and VDSL broadband.

Afrihost packages available to subscribers

  • up to 1Mbps: R57 for Home Uncapped, R207 for Premium Uncapped, and R317 for Business Uncapped.
  • up to 2Mbps: R87 for Home Uncapped, R317 for Premium Uncapped, and R417 for Business Uncapped.
  • up to 4Mbps: R157 for Home Uncapped, R417 for Premium Uncapped, and R717 for Business Uncapped.
  • up to 8Mbps: R257 for Home Uncapped, R617 for Premium Uncapped, and R917 for Business Uncapped.
  • up to 10Mbps: R317 for Home Uncapped, R817 for Premium Uncapped, and R1,017 for Business Uncapped deal.
  • up to 20Mbps: R417 for Home Uncapped, R1,017 for Premium Uncapped, and R1,917 for Business Uncapped.
  • up to 40Mbps: R817 for the Home Uncapped, R1,417 for Premium Uncapped, and then R2,817 for Business Uncapped deal.

To sign up, you will need to send them your South African ID copy (for RICA – The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication – related Information Act).

Getting affordable internet data through Neotel:

Data bundles range from 2GB (smallest) to 24GB (largest) offers and rates can be as low as 20c per MB.

▪ Getting internet data through ITNT on affordable bundle rates.
▪ Getting internet data through Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile rates change constantly in accordance to specials. Virgin data can cost as little as R19 per 100MB.

▪ Getting the fastest internet data through Vox Telecom ADSL:

Enjoy great savings by staying within the data cap, unlimited calling and Showmax for a month at only R171 and R99, individually. When you opt for uncapped home ADSL you get 1Mbps the whole month – unlimited.

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