No experience jobs in South Africa


South Africa jobs that hire the easiest without experience

Finding jobs in South Africa and you don't have experience is hard. shares the South Africa Jobs that hire easy without experience plus how to complete with experienced jobseekers.

It can be very stressful to live in a country with high unemployment rates, where you must find a job with no experience. Do not lose hope!
Since the competition might have experience, a certificate or degree, an apprenticeship or internship, you will need to be clever and willing to make extra effort.

Below are solutions to problems surrounding the issue of getting an entry-level job with no experience In South Africa.

The ever-valuable personal connection:

Consider your friends, acquaintances and connections before applying for a job. Asking someone in the advertising company to forward your application and resume to the hiring manager (while in addition following the regular channels of application yourself) is a good idea.

The personal connection here benefits you in that a hiring manager will be able to see past the lack of experience due to your contact reference. They will be able to ask the contact person for extra information.

Cover letters are gold for applicants who have no experience

Use the cover letter to tell your compelling story in a well-thought-out, well-spoken way and to-the-point.
Aim to sum up and solve the doubt factor (no experience) with answers (skills gained through life experiences)

It’s always all about skills, so explain how your volunteering job gave you all the needed skills and experience required for the position. Asdd that your drive, work ethic, fast learning capabilities and especially your enthusiasm will make you an asset for the company.

Tip: as outline in our ((LINK)) Guide to Getting Hired Fast ((LINK)), remember to consider the skills buzzwords. What skills are they looking for? Which ones do you have? Connect your experiences with the demand of this job. Tell your success stories and share the success.

Example: during your volunteering years, you saw a marketing opportunity to move all costly, printed marketing to free online social media and getting big brands to do shout-outs for your NPO.

After discussing with your manager that adding every support company to the office’s perimeter wall in a mural will secure their social media support and reflect well on both sides. Your manager agreed, and the result was an improved curb appeal plus fantastic marketing results on social media platforms, which resulted in a strong increase in donations.

Explain why you think this experience taught you valuable skills that you would like to apply in this marketing position.

Give the reader of your cover letter extra reasons to hire you in addition to those on your resume.

Convincing factors of great resumes

We explain how to create a LINK (free) successful resume or CV (LINK) and the importance of the skills you mention. The hiring manager will be concerned about one thing: the knack or lack of required skills.

In an application without experience, you will need to prove that you have picked up those skills in other chapters of your life, such as hospitality skills while growing up in a family-owned guesthouse.

Remember, the hiring manager probably had a similar pocket money job in college. Don’t downplay your experience, but point out the value of the years in that environment.

Phrase your experience as: served as an all-rounder in a guesthouse for 4 years. Responsibilities included reception, payments, cleaning and breakfast service, referring guest to appropriate resources, assisting guests during crises, and supporting emergency services and social media marketing.

Golden tip:
Suggest a great new marketing idea for the hiring hotel that you would want to run. Let’s name it “The Pink Hotel”. Such as a treasure hunt competition in which the treasures are landmarks near the hotel that make the hotel location desirable.

The competition should be performed via social media, where the participants take photograph proof of finding each landmark near the hotel you wish to work for.

The prize will be for a free mid-week stay for 4 people and posting the photographs must tag the 3 friends you wish to take with, and be done with a #ThePinkHotelCompetition.
Look the position and it’s requirements, the duties and important of these tasks. How would you be able to reach company goals by doing these tasks better?

Always consider if you can make a difference to the company in:

  • Saving expenses
  • Growing profit
  • Improving productivity


In addition to your education, confirm that your learning is ongoing through books and podcasts, following industry leaders’ newsletters, on Twitter and LInkedIn. Include this into your cover letter or during an interview.

Show your worth

Your Resume should be used to communicate to the hiring manager how you will specifically benefit the company. The recruiter has too many CVs to read through to connect the dots on your resume to the job description. Do proper research and consider the needs and predictable goals of the hiring company before tweaking your CV to discuss your role in it.

Examples of a few bullet points to add for a hotel position:

  • I am committed to provide friendly, efficient and prompt reception service while also upselling guests on hotel extras that are currently not available, such as airport transfers and laundry services.

The labor can be outsourced, and sold to the guests at a commission.

The hotel can expect to see an attractive increase in monthly revenue. TIP: Provide three quality companies’ names for each service. Plus a short reference each (even if it is their Google rating score)

  • Commit to also deliver excellent phone customer service to guarantee a positive customer experience and
  • encourage repeat visits.
  • You will train all workers in general jobs, such as cleaners, kitchen staff and groundsmen to ensure an overall high standard is kept.

Interview yourself in preparation

Practice tailored interview answers to the job description and get inspiration from the (LINK) Guide to Getting Hired Fast (LINK)

Research the hiring company and the people.
Have a solid answer should you be asked, ” What do you know about our company?”

Research, or ask for, the names and titles of everyone you will be working for. LinkedIn and Google are your friends.

Include the person you would immediately work under in your answers. Example: I would like to support Mrs X in her billing duties by handing over the invoices, pre-sorted by date.

In a nutshell: Be more prepared than everyone else interviewing for this position.

Good questions of your own paints another important picture of you.

Examples of great questions are:

  • Why is this position currently open?
  • What are the expected day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
  • What do you like best about working for this company?
  • What are the company’s top 3 goals, and how does this position play a role in these goals best?
  • Tell me what is the most important question I should have asked about this position, if I did not, and please answer it.

End the job interview on a high note

Make sure they know you want the job and ask for it with intent, warm smile and charm.

Example: “I’m very enthusiastic about this position. I am committed to be the best candidate for this job and add to the company in the most beneficial way. What can I say that will convince you to offer me the job right now?”

Thank the person, by email, for a thoroughly enjoyable interview 2 days later. Remind them, in 1 sentence, that you are very interested in the job. Keep it short and polite.

Jobs that are easier to get without experience

Public relations assistants:
Skills needed for PR assistants include capability under timeline pressures, good communication, common sense and great interpersonal skills.

Internships and apprenticeships:
Internships and apprenticeships need no previous experience, as they provide it.

Marketing assistant:
Social marketing, data analyzing and a fair amount of SEO skills will be needed.

Clerical skills include organizational, accuracy and responsibility.

Customer service representative:
The skills needed in customer service roles are communication-based as the role has to do with processing questions, complaints, answers and solutions.

Sales account representative:
Good communication, friendliness and persuasiveness are the vital skills required in sales positions.

Grade 1 nurses:
Skills needed to include healthcare, friendliness, accuracy and organizational.

Office assistants:
This job requires great written and speech communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.

Medical assistant:
Skills needed for medical assistant positions, including vet assistants, are communication, organizational, customer care and administrative.

Freelancing jobs do not always ask about experience or referrals. Skills needed are dependent on the job field.


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