Become a Social Media Influencer, 10 Beginner Steps to Success

Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing is indispensable for brands globally. Content creators shape trends for fashion and beauty, or drive earned media to brands, and it is a dream career for many. To become a successful content creator, look at the 10 steps on How to Become a Social Media Influencer.

Steps to become an influencer:

1. Create Content

You guessed it. Find your niche subject by considering your own skills and expertise. Create and confidently post content consistently. 

2. Be Worthy

To influence and communicate with readers, you will need to create a blog full of clear, concise, shareable guides and content.

Viewers and followers first need to trust and look up to you, before they will follow your lead.

3. Relatable 

Successful influences have the capability of showing their human natures in a relatable way. The best person to speak about solutions, is the person that has experienced the situation or problem. 

Viewers need human interaction, so interact on social media by asking and answering questions, and respond to comments. 

4. Map your Platform

In your How to Become a Social Media Influencer steps, choosing your main social media platform is an importanta spect. Factor in traffic potential, income and growth tempo. Be active on this platform, consistently. 

Next, branch out to other social media channels to reach more people. Apart from sharing quality content on these other platforms, also encourage and draw people to your original, main platform.


Take care not to spread yourself too thin; 

Switch to a business account;

Create a professional, and engaging Bio;

Use a professionally edited profile picture if you use one at all;

Clearly display contact info.

5. Keep Diary 

Consistency is gold. Create your editorial calendar, and plan your calendar months ahead. Line up posts, deadlines and deadlines and free time.

6. Connect 

Connect and network on and offline.

Opportunities are everywhere but mostly attainable when you are looking for them. Sincerity is the secret to success in terms of networking. 

Additionally,  join influencer marketing platforms or agencies.

7. Brands

Influencers and brands contact each other as much as each other. Create a media kit that acts as your “CV”.

Show your audience: Stats and figures, audience insights, demographics and geographical reach.

Share your experience: List the brands you have worked with before, and in what capacity.  

List your accolades: awards or (quoted) praise received.

Rate information: either provide a full fee structure, or an email address to request one.

Transparency: Make your paid advertisements, brand collaborations,  and sponsored content available upon request. 

8. Trending Keywords 

Sign up for Google Alerts to notify you of specific keywords and check in on what’s trending on Twitter regularly.

9. Be Informed of Changes 

Subscribe to useful publications that will keep you in the loop of algorithm changes, and software updates, new apps and social media trends.

10. Mind Map

Create your 2, and 5 year plans. Will you ultimately want to create Content of your own products? Put that on the plan and work out the necessary steps. This will form your plan of action that should be incorporated in your calendar. 

How much can you make as an influencer?

Social media income depends on the business and industry, plus how many followers you have. 

Instagram income ranges from 

$75 per post to $10,000 per post.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer is easier than one might imagine, but being dedicated and disciplined is non-negotiable.  

Become a Social Media Influencer, 10 Beginner Steps
Become a Social Media Influencer, 10 Beginner Steps

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