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The Department of Military Veterans Government vacancies

A reason for establishing the Department of Military Veterans is to fulfill the South African government’s commitment to support to Military Veterans in recognizing the contribution they brought to realize a peaceful, democratic and prosperous country. DoMV jobs and Government vacancies include positions that help achieve the goal to establish unity, dignity and self-sufficient empowerment amongst South Africa’s military veterans.

How to apply for Government vacancies at the DoMV:

Complete and sign a Z83 form, attach a current CV that got updated recently, plus copies of qualification(s) and your matric certificate, ID and drivers license (if applicable), or any other relevant documents. Ask whether such copies need to be certified beforehand;

You can download your editable Z83 and get your free editable CV before applying.

Contact details of the Department of Military Veterans :

Head Office Address:

328 Festival Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa

Call centre numbers:
063 222 2227 /
063 546 3412 /
063 336 2631

Contact details of provincial offices of DoMV

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“To facilitate delivery and co-ordinate all activities that recognise and entrench the restoration of dignity and appreciation of the contribution of Military Veterans to our freedom and nation building.” – Department of Military Veterans

The DoMV has a wide variety of careers in a number of offices throughout the country. Some of these Government vacancies include:

Assistant Director: Supply Chain Management

Administrative Assistant (Directorate: Socio-Economic Support)

Administrative Assistant: Officeof the Director-General

Administrative Assistant (Directorate: Information Communication and Technology)

Chief Director: Heritage Memorials Burials and Honours

Chief Director: Military Veterans Socio-Economic Support Services

Invitation to Serve on the Department of Military Veterans Audit Committee

Director: Legal Services

Director: Resource Management

Deputy Director: Human Resource Planning – Systems

Deputy Director: Provincial Coordinator

The Government vacancies of this department typically deals with :

Duties while determining  compensation status;
Determination of compensation amount;
Clerical and administrative duties in dealing with Injury, trauma and disease compensation;
Process of compensation payment; 
Social Relief of Distress (SRD);
Assisting with finding counselling and treatment for mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder when needed;
Administrative duties in dealing with  Processing applications for counselling and treatment
Communicating qualification criteria for job placement facilitation;
Processing applications for facilitation of job placement;
Clerical and administrative duties in dealing with the processing and facilitating of business opportunities and programmes;
Communicate qualifying criteria for subsidised public transport;
Communicate qualifying criteria for access to health care
Communication and customer service duties to communicate qualifying criteria for housing
Administrative duties when  communicating qualifying criteria for burial support
Communicating / monitoring conditions of housing benefit;
Reimbursement of burial costs;
Processing military veterans benefits applications.

Department of Military Veterans
Department of Military Veterans

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