Bartering Platforms Trade your Skills and Services for Survival

Bartering Platforms Guide

Bartering Platforms in the Digital Age: Unconventional Ways to Trade Skills and Services for Survival. In this article we look at bartering in the modern era with online bartering platforms, and communities where unemployed individuals can exchange their skills or services for goods or other essential services, while pursuing work from home hustles.

With unemployment rates soaring and financial instability looming, individuals are turning to unconventional methods to meet their basic needs.  Trade your skills and services for essential goods and services.

Here are some online platforms and communities that facilitate this modern-day bartering, connecting individuals across the globe and offering a lifeline to those in need.

Simbi (
Simbi is an online platform that encourages bartering based on the exchange of skills, knowledge, and services. Members can list the services they offer and browse through other listings to find what they need. From graphic design to language tutoring, there is a wide range of services available on Simbi. The platform uses a unique digital currency called “simbi credits,” which can be earned by providing services and then used to obtain services from others.

TradeAway (
TradeAway is a digital marketplace where individuals can trade goods and services without the need for traditional currency. Users can list items they want to trade and browse through other listings to find what they need. The platform covers various categories, including electronics, household items, and even vehicles. By connecting with other members globally, TradeAway facilitates bartering on a larger scale.

Bunz (
Bunz is an online bartering platform that originated in Toronto and has now expanded worldwide. Members can trade items or services with others in their community and beyond. The platform uses a virtual currency called “BTZ,” which can be earned by bartering and then used to acquire other goods or services. Bunz emphasizes sustainability and community engagement, making it an excellent option for those seeking a more environmentally friendly and socially conscious approach to bartering.

BarterQuest (
BarterQuest is a comprehensive bartering platform that allows users to trade goods, services, and even real estate. By creating a detailed profile and listing their offerings, members can connect with others around the world and negotiate trades. The platform offers a search feature that enables users to find specific items or services they are interested in, making it easy to navigate the vast array of available options. ( is a popular platform for trading clothing, accessories, toys, and other personal items. Members can list the items they want to trade and browse through listings to find items they need. The platform provides a convenient shipping process, making it easy to exchange goods with people from different locations globally. promotes sustainability by encouraging individuals to repurpose items instead of buying new ones.

Freecycle (
Freecycle is a non-profit online community dedicated to keeping usable items out of landfills. Members can offer unwanted items for free or browse listings to find things they need. While Freecycle doesn’t involve direct bartering, it fosters a culture of giving and receiving, enabling individuals to acquire essential goods without financial transactions. The platform has a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and reducing waste.

TimeRepublik (
TimeRepublik is a unique online platform that focuses on exchanging skills and services based on time rather than traditional currency. Members can offer their expertise in various areas, such as graphic design, language coaching, or web development, and earn “time credits” for their contributions. These credits can then be used to request services from other members.

In conclusion, online bartering platforms, and communities can be greatly beneficial to unemployed individuals to exchange their skills or services for goods or other essential services.

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