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The Department of Correctional Services Government vacancies

The vision of the Department of Correctional Services is to add and contribute to a just and fair, peaceful and safe South Africa through effective and humane inmate incarceration, and rehabilitation plus offender reintegration socially. The DoCS vacancies include administrative support positions,  security, health and social work, artisan, food and many general work positions. These jobs are hugely popular.

How to apply for Government vacancies at the DoCS:
Complete and sign a Z83 form, attach a current CV that got updated recently, plus copies of qualification(s) and your matric certificate, ID and drivers license (if applicable), or any other relevant documents. Ask whether such copies need to be certified beforehand.
You can download your editable Z83 and get your free editable CV before applying.

Contact details of the DoCS:

Poyntons Building (West Block), 124 WF Nkomo Street (Cnr WF Nkomo & Sophie De Bruyn Streets), Pretoria, 0001

012 307 2998/9  

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Strategic Objectives

The Department’s strategic objectives are:

  • building organisational capacity for enhanced service delivery;
  • effective management of business processes to promote good governance and ethical administration;
  • providing a secured ICT infrastructure and business systems; professionalising for effective human resource management and development;
  • an effective management of remand detention processes to promote conducive participation in court processes;
  • holding remand detainees and offenders in secure, safe and humane conditions; effective case management process;
  • effective incarceration and rehabilitation to protect society;
  • correcting offender behaviour through access to correctional programmes and psychological, social and spiritual services;
  • improving offenders’ human development through literacy, education and skills competency programmes;
  • reduced re-offending to contribute to a safer South Africa;
  • providing inmates with appropriate nutritional services;
  • providing inmates with appropriate access to health services;
  • rehabilitating, monitoring and accepting probationers and parolees as law-abiding citizens by the communities;
  • providing offenders with access to restorative justice processes;
  • and effective management and functioning of the parole boards

Department of Correctional Services

The DoCS has a wide variety of careers in a number of offices throughout the country. Some of these Government vacancies include:

  • Artisan Production Grade A (Electrician)
  • Artisan Production Grade A: Plumber
  • Security Manager: Parolees and Probationers
  • Network Controller (x3)
  • REINTE Manager: DH: Case / Centre Management Administration
  • Educationist M+4 (IsiZulu H/L & Tourism)
  • Artisan Production Grade A: Cabinet Maker
  • Medical Officer 
  • Security Manager: External Security
  • Specialised Case Officer: Case Management Committee
  • Assistant Manager: Nursing (PHC)
  • Security Manager: Unit Manager
  • DD: Manager: Supply Chain Management
  • Artisan Production Grade A: Boilermaker
  • Social Worker
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • State Accountant
  • Security Manager: Case Management Committee
  • Divisional Head: Security
  • AO: Logistics Administration
  • Clinical Nurse Practitioner (PHC)
  • Centre Coordinator Med: Centre Coordinator: Staff Support
Department of Correctional Services
Department of Correctional Services


Open for Applications South Africa 11 August 2022