South African Police Service Top Government vacancies

The South African Police Service  Government vacancies

Besides investigating cases and performing crime prevention,  the South African Police Service also provides many services and resources. These services, rendered to the South African public and business partners results in Government vacancies to be filled and working for the SAPS is highly sought-after.

How to apply for Government vacancies at the SAPS:

Download an application form from the SAPS Website;
Completely fill out a SAPS Application form – even if you say “I don’t know” in certain fields;
Affirm that all information on the application form is correct and honestly true, under oath or by another method of solemn declaration;
Sign the form;
Use a new application form for every new SAPS vacancy you apply for;
Keep in mind that applicants must be 18 years old at least, residents of South Africa, physically fit unless the position is of a nature that invites disabled applicants, be healthy, have Grade 12 or equivalent and more
You can download your editable Z83 and get your free editable CV before applying.

Contact details of the South African Police Service:

Head Office Number:
+27 (0) 12 393 1000

SAPS Head Office Address:
Koedoe Building, 236 Pretorius Street, Pretoria

SAPS service delivery number:
0800 333 177

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Code of Conduct:
“We, as Police Officials of the South African Police Service commit ourselves to the creation of a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa by –

participating in endeavours to address the root causes of crime in the community;preventing action which may threaten the safety or security of any community;
investigating criminal conduct which has endangered the safety or security of the community and bringing the perpetrators thereof to justice.

In realization of the aforesaid commitment, we shall at all times –

uphold the Constitution and the law;
be guided by the needs of the community;
give full recognition to the needs of the South African Police Service as my employer; and;
cooperate with the community, government at every level and all other related role-players.

In order to achieve a safe and secure environment for all the people of South Africa
we undertake to –

with integrity, render a responsible and effective service of high quality which is accessible to every person and continuously strive towards improving this service;
utilize all the available resources responsibly, efficiently and cost-effectively to maximize their use;
develop our own skills and participate in the development of our fellow members to ensure equal opportunities for all;
contribute to the reconstruction and development of, and reconciliation in our country;
uphold and protect the fundamental rights of every person;
act impartially, courteously, honestly, respectfully, transparently and in an accountable manner;
exercise the powers conferred upon us in a responsible and controlled manner; and;
work actively towards preventing any form of corruption and to bring the perpetrators thereof to justice.” – SAPS

The South African Police Service has a wide variety of careers in a number of offices throughout the country. Some of these Government vacancies include:

SAPS Airhostess (Sergeant) Vacancies

Head: Compensation Services: Division Financial Management Services

Polygraph Examiner, Polygraph Section, Division Crime Intelligence

Provincial Commander: Litigation

Divisional Commissioner:Technology Management Services

Provincial Head: Technology Management Services

Section Head: Legal Support: Resources

Provincial Head: Internal Audit

Section Head: ETD Research and Quality Management: Division Human Resource Development

Provincial Head: Crime Registrar

Section Head: Veterinary Services

Component Head: Budget, Expenditure and Accounting Management: Division Financial Management Services

South African Police Service
South African Police Service

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