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The Department of Social Development Government vacancies

Previously known as the Department of Welfare, “The Department of Social Development” focuses on social transformation and to create better living conditions for the poor and to reduce poverty, promote social integration, support vulnerable and excluded people of South Africa. The Department of Social Development Government vacancies is a great boost for careers and sought after. Positions range from social work to administrative.

How to apply for Government vacancies at the DSD:

Complete and sign a Z83 form, attach a current CV that got updated recently, plus copies of qualification(s) and your matric certificate, ID and drivers license (if applicable), or any other relevant documents. Ask whether such copies need to be certified beforehand;
You can download your editable Z83 and get your free editable CV before applying.

Contact details of the DSD:

Customer Care Help line:
012 312 7727


Department of Social Development, 134 Pretorius Street, HSRC Building,
Pretoria, South Africa

Department of Social Development service points include Old Age Homes and Rehabilitation Centres of South Africa.
Contact details of provincial offices of DSD

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About DSD

“As social service professionals, we act on the basis of solidarity with all of humanity. We seek to empower communities and engender self-reliance by creating conditions for sustainable livelihoods. This involves expanding the range of choices available to communities.

 Because of the range of our human services Our development, social protection and social welfare services span the entire life cycle of human life and encompass advocacy, promotion, prevention, care, mitigation and palliation” – Department of Social Development

The DSD has a wide variety of careers in a number of offices throughout the country. Some of these Government vacancies include:

Chief Network Technologist: Health and Social Development

Community Development Practitioner: Community and Partnership Development

Chief Director: Social Assistance

Director: Financial Administration and Accounting

Ethics and Integrity Management Practitioner

Executive Director: Inspectorate for Social Assistance

Deputy Director: Population Policy Strategy Monitoring and Evaluation

Deputy Director: Investigations

Inspector: Compliance Audits

Department of Social Development
Department of Social Development

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