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The Department of Home Affairs Government vacancies

The Department of Home Affairs serves South African nationals, and foreigners wishing to visit, work or stay in South Africa, in many ways, which bring about Department of Home Affairs Government vacancies that relate to these core functions:

Maintaining the National Population Register (NPR);
Management of birth, marriage and death records;
Travel documents and passports;
Identity documents (ID);
Admissions into South Africa;
Determining the residency or citizenship status of foreigners;
Custodianship of refugee affairs;
Policy directives

How to apply for Government vacancies at the Department of Home Affairs:

Applications must be sent to the correct address, on or before the closing date;
submitted on the new Application for Employment Form (Z.83);
accompanied by a comprehensive CV, citing the start and end date (dd/mm/yr) of each employment period to be
considered, including the details of at least two contactable employment references (as recent as possible);
shortlisted candidates will be required to submit a copy of their ID document, a valid driver’s license (if specified as a
job requirement), as well as the relevant highest educational qualifications, on or before the day of the interview;
Applicants who possess (a) foreign qualification(s), must also submit the evaluated results of such qualifications, as  received from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

You can download your editable Z83 and get your free editable CV before applying.

Contact details of the Department of Home Affairs:

DHA Head Office Number:
012 406 2500

Contact Centre Email:  

Contact details of provincial offices of Department of Home Affairs

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Department of Home Affairs Mission

“The efficient determination and safeguarding of the identity and status of citizens and the regulation of migration to ensure security, promote development and fulfil our international obligation” – Department of Home Affairs

SA Government: How to Apply for Jobs at the DEPARTMENT of HOME AFFAIRS

Department of Home Affairs Government vacancies typically include:

  • Border Guard
  • Administration Officer
  • Supply Chain Management Practitioner
  • Human Resource Management
  • Local Office Manager
  • Civil Services Supervisor
  • Civic Services Officer
  • Civic Services Clerk
  • Immigration Officr: Inspectorate
  • Mobile Officer
  • Director: Finance and Support
  • Hospital Clerk
  • Cleaner
  • Director: Human Resource Planning
  • HR Registry: Registry Clerk
  • Specialist: Strategic IS Alignment Analyst
  • Network Operator
  • District Manager Operations
  • Deputy Director: Purchasing Management
  • Assistant Director: Contracts and Tenders
  • Data Centre Controller
  • System Administrator
  • Messenger
  • Cashier
  • Finance Clerk
Department of Home Affairs
Department of Home Affairs

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