Want to work for Department of Home Affairs?

To be considered for Department of Home Affairs vacancies: - Applications must be sent to the correct address, on or before the closing date; - Submitted on the new Application for Employment Form (Z.83); - Accompanied by a comprehensive CV, citing the start & end date (dd/mm/yr) of each employment period to be considered, including the details of at least 2 contactable employment references (as recent as possible);

- Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit a copy of their ID document, a valid driver’s license (if specified as a job requirement), as well as the relevant highest educational qualifications, on or before the day of the interview. - Foreign qualifications must be evaluated by the SA Qualifications Authority & submitted.

Note: Only successful, short listed candidates will be contacted within three (3) months after the closing date. Important: Applying for Department of Home Affairs is always, without fail, free. You will never be asked to pay for any step during the application.

Contact details of the Department of Home Affairs: DHA Head Office Number: 012 406 2500 Contact Centre Email: hacc@dha.gov.za

Find Department of Home Affairs vacancies in the Search Block: 1. Type or copy / paste in the Keyword bar: Department of Home Affairs; 2. Select Government in the Category space; 3. Hit SEARCH.

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