High demand jobs of the future


The high demand jobs of the future guide.

Looking at high-paying and high demand jobs of the future, that will enjoy healthy employment growth in the next ten years, we see the birth of a new job market while many jobs will also disappear.

Looking at well-earning and high demand jobs of the future, that will enjoy healthy employment growth in the next ten years, we see the birth of a new job market while many jobs will also disappear. 

One thing in the job market is clear: jobs will either be secure and in good demand, or disappear in the next 10 years. 

This topic affects people in very predictable ways, and many of us immediately think of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as a villain to blame when considering why jobs will disappear. 

While this is a reasonable thought, one must also consider that the process of automation and AI adds massively to the success of the business and while economies grow, humans are needed to fill many roles and due to automation and AI, they are capable of working more effectively. Companies  that grow financially, plus workers that operate more efficiently, result in raised salaries plus further consumption and  economic growth . 

New opportunities are born directly as a result of AI and many positions are brought about by automation, and sectors created because of AI!

AI is a term used to describe when machines are programmed to mimic actions of humans and reason with human intelligence, such as  Chatbots, robotic vacuum cleaners and self-driving vehicles, to name a few. We are often suspicious of AI, because they threatened, or replaced, the security of the previous jobs sectors. 

The good news is that the AI professional job sector is actually full of high demand and high-paying career opportunities, and it is poised to enjoy healthy employment growth. These jobs will be very secure and they will firmly stay off the list of jobs that will disappear in the next decade. 

Depending on your interest, experience and education, the AI job market offers a variety of different roles and responsibilities. 

However, certain job fields will be very difficult to replace by automation or AI. Where the human touch is essential, such as early childhood education, we still need people dealing with people. 

The future will see both tech-savvy and “human touch” jobs in high demand. 

Examples of future high-paying and high demand jobs (including “human touch” and AI) are: 

Accountants and auditors

Ai, computers and machines learning specialists

AI engineer

Artist and handcraft

Big data engineer

Big data specialists

Business development and project management professionals

Business Intelligence (BI) developer

Business services and administration managers

Care providers for the elderly

Computer and information systems managers

Computer user support specialists

Construction managers

Counselors for mental health and behavior disorders

Creative arts

Data analytics and scientists

Data detective

Dentist assistant 

Digital currency advisor, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ether 

Digital marketing 

Digital transformation specialists

Early childhood to grade 12 education 


Engineers of FinTech

Engineers of robotics

Financial managers

General and operations managers

Health services and medical managers

Industrial Engineers

Industrial machinery mechanics

Information security analysts

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses

Machine learning engine to interpret data to design, build, and manage ML software applications successfully

Management analysts

Market research analysts 

Marketing and strategy specialists

Natural language processors (for chatbots and virtual assistants) 

Network and database professionals 

Nurse practitioners

Physical therapist

Physician assistants

Process automation specialists

Project management specialists and business operations specialists

Rehabilitation counselors for substance abuse

Research scientist

Research, computer science and AI 

Social workers

Software applications developers

Software engineering 

Software quality assurance analysts and testers

Speech-language pathologists

Strategic advisors

User experience experts

Topjobseeker and Info-Desk both updates their job databases daily with quality positions that appear on this list. 

If you’re looking to enter the professional world of AI, gain knowledge and experience in some, or one, of the following programming languages:




AI jobs skills required most:

Good communication and easy collaborating with others

Python experience and capability (in general, proficiency in programming language)

Digital marketing 

If you wonder what degrees will be advantageous in the next 10 years, and support the above high demand jobs of the future, have a look at the following list below:


Actuarial science

Applied mathematics 

Artificial intelligence, AI

Big data systems






Computer science 

Computer science and engineering 

Computer science and mathematics 


Engineering, biomedical

Engineering, chemical 

Engineering, civil 

Engineering, computer 

Engineering, computer and electrical 

Engineering, electrical  

Engineering, electronics and communication

Engineering, industrial 

Engineering, mechanical 

Engineering, petroleum 

Engineering, systems

Environmental science 


Health information technology 

Industrial distribution 

Industrial psychology 

Information technology 

International business and finance 

Internet of things (IoT)

Management information systems (MIS)

Medical technology 

Physical therapy 

Sustainability and renewable energy

By 2030, many jobs are expected to either disappear completely or nearly, including:

Administrative and executive secretaries

Assembly and factory workers

Bank tellers:

Certain business services and administration managers

Client information and customer service workers

Data entry clerks

Door to door sales

Electronics and telecoms installers and repairs

Fast Food cooks

In-store cashiers

Legal administration, except lawyers

Material recording and stock-keeping clerks

Postal service clerks

Relationship managers


And more. 

Change is inevitable, but everyone can be prepared to position themselves in an advantageous way regarding jobs that will be secure or disappear in the next decade. 


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