According to World Economic Forum research, these are the career fields that will see Fantastic Job increases from 2025.

The 22 In-Demand Jobs of 2025: 1. Administration Managers 2. Ai and Machines  Learning Specialists 3. Big Data Specialists 4. Business Development

5. Professionals 6. Business Services 7. Data Analytics   8. Database and Network Professionals

9. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists 10. Digital Transformation Specialists 11. FinTech Engineers 12. Information Security Analysts

13. Internet of Things Specialists 14. Management and Organisation Analysts 15. Organisational Development Specialists 16. Process Automation Specialists

17. Project Managers 18. Risk Management Specialists 19. Robotics Engineers 20. Scientists 21. Software  Applications  Developers 22. Strategic Advisors

Use this knowledge to get on the right path. List your existing skills and see which of these positions need those skills.

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