The World Economic Forum Top 20 Desired Skills List for 2025

According to WEF research, there are career fields that will fall away, or grow in demand, by 2025.

While many people instantly predicts computer science, AI and all things automation to dominate the future, the WEF list may come as a BIG surprise.

The skills that will put you in high demand by 2025 involve creativity, solution-orientated, analytical thinking and innovation. Many are also soft skills.

20 Best Skills for 2025: 1. Analytical thinking and innovation 2. Active learning & learning strategies 3. Calm under pressure 4. Complex problem solving

5. Social and influencing 6. Technology use, monitoring and control 7. Technology design 8. Technology programming 9. Leadership and management

10. Resilient 11. Reasoning 12. Problem solving   13. Innovative 14. Emotional intelligence 15. Creative, original and future thinking

16. Trouble shooting and user experience 17. Service minded 18. Systems analysis and evaluation 19. Persuasion and negotiation 20. Critical thinking

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