According to World Economic Forum research, the following positions will for the most part have disappeared by 2025.

Keep the following list in mind when you draw up your 5-year plan.

24 Jobs that are leaving us: 1. Accounting and Bookkeeping 2. Accountants and auditors 3. Admin and Executive Secretaries 4. Administration Managers 5. Bank Tellers

6. Business Services 7. Client information & Customer Service Workers 8. Construction Labourers 9. Data Entry Clerks 10. Door to Door Sales

11. Electronics Installation/ Repairs 12. Factory Workers 13. Financial Analysts 14. HR Specialists 15. Machinery Repairers

16. Material Recording and Stock-Take Clerks 17. Mechanics 18. Operations & General Managers 19. Payroll Clerks 20. Postal Service Clerks

21. Relationship Managers Sales Rep (wholesale, tech and sci products) 22. Street Vendors 23. Telecoms Installers and Repairs 24. Training Specialists

This is a good time to consider your options. 1.  Upskill with a free online course, or volunteer. 2. Study through TVET - your don't need matric.

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