A list of the most hiring jobs in South Africa 2022, the most sought after skills to have right now, plus the job titles that are advertised for regularly in the South African job market. 

Most hiring jobs in South Africa 2022 – 2023, in demand now

Most hiring jobs in South Africa 2022 – 2023 guide

A list of the most hiring jobs in South Africa 2022, the most sought after skills to have right now, plus the job titles that are advertised for regularly in the South African job market. 

The South African hiring landscape should be studied in two vital key phrases: 

1) high demand jobs in South Africa 

2) the most sought-after skills in South Africa 

Understand which job titles are advertised for regularly in the SA job market because it will guide you in job hunting and yield more results from your job searches. 

Informing yourself of current, and rising, in-demand skills will be an advantage in preparation for applications and interviews. 

Currently, the most hiring job sectors, sought after positions and in high demand jobs skills in South Africa (in no specific order) are:

1. Software Development

South African companies from the technology, finance and education sectors, all need software engineers, developers with specialized software development skills, for example full stack developers and system analysts. 

2. Customer Service

Another vital gear in the retail and wholesale, technology, hospitality and tourism outfit, is customer care. Technical support, travel agents, secretaries, claims clerks, call center staff, hr management are some of the most hiring in demand jobs we see in South Africa. 

The most hiring jobs in South Africa vary from entry-level to specialized, but they all need problem-solving, analytical and communication skills. 

3. Sales

Firmly on the list of available jobs in South Africa that are always in demand and hiring, is sales jobs. We see vacancies for business managers, sales directors and supply chain positions in e-Commerce, retail, hospitality and wholesale industries. 

4. Marketing 

Most countries rely on retail and wholesale, technology, tourism and hospitality for economic growth and South Africa is no exception. Every one of the above industries requires good marketing staff. The most in-demand hiring marketing jobs are to promote services, ideas or products effectively to a well-researched target market. Marketing candidates that are always in demand, are SEO specialists, marketing editors and digital marketers. 

5. Information Technology

IT coordinators, network administrators and computer network architects are currently in very high demand, and will stay there for the foreseeable future. Interpreters to predict future human behavior (such as reading material, video streaming, sales or visual interests) are hired by the South Africa Government, the IT, Marketing and retail industries. 

6. Engineering

Engineers are problem solvers and highly in demand in the natural resources, infrastructure and environmental sectors, plus the governmental departments like Eastern Cape Agricultural Department and many other South African industries such as city planning and architecture. We see the most in demand hiring Engineering jobs in South Africa include drafts person, engineering technologist, agricultural plus civil engineers. 

This is a favorable time for agricultural engineers, specifically with sustainable farming skills, as the industry is here to stay and grow. The agricultural engineering job market also offers many in demand hiring jobs due to our current food scarcity issues in urban and rural areas. These job titles are currently highly in demand, and will continue to be needed more in the coming decade.

7. Business Management

South African Government departments, marketing, wholesale and retail companies are constantly hiring new talent in business management positions, such as risk management and project management. 

8. Medicine/Nursing

Private and national health care, education, mining and tourism industries constantly hire for health care providers such as hospital admissions and administration, nurses and midwives. 

9. Banking/High Finance

The most in demand finance and banking  jobs in South Africa are account brokers, investment advisors, chartered accountants and financial analysts, hired by large firms from the compliance and legal, business planning and finance industries. 

Currently, business development, change management, cost and management accounting skills are scarce.

10. Languages

Skilled translators, linguists and other language experts such as interpreters, and communication specialists are highly sought-after worldwide, including South Africa. Doing business with foreign investors are made possible by language professionals and valuable contributions to marketing, publishing, communication, education and legal industries. 

Most hiring jobs in South Africa are advertised with job locations in Gauteng, followed by the Western Cape. Collectively, 5% of jobs hiring in South Africa are for international companies and work-from-home opportunities. 

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