The 10 highest job salaries in South Africa. Positively Jaw-dropping!

The highest job salaries in South Africa

As in all countries, the highest job salaries in South Africa will depend first on the career field, followed by experience and skills.

Below are the 10 highest job salaries in South Africa:

1. Medical specialists

The medical industry’s salary amounts spike up drastically with completion of advanced education in medicine, and extra years of experience. Specialists are in high demand.

According to Indeed, the average Medical Specialist salary in South Africa is R1 208 749 per annum and specialist Government Vacancies in Gauteng offer average salaries of R1 151 570. With 10 years of experience, the highest earners, can expect R1 733 000.

Skills required in all related Healthcare.

2. Actuary

With skills in analytical and mathematical, asset and liability management, actuaries are in high demand in South Africa as they assess uncertainty and minimize business risk for companies.

The salaries average for actuaries with little experience is R471,665 annually. With up to 9 years experience, actuaries can expect R900,131 and at 10-19 years of experience, an average total compensation of R1,030,420 per year.

3. Architect

Although architect training and education is an extensive specialized process, the South African architect salary is good, averaging on R63,000 per month. According to Indeed, monthly architecture salaries in Cape Town is typically almost R6,000 higher than Johannesburg. And governmwnt architect salaries average on about R41,000.

Again, more experience means higher salaries. Architects with 10 – 20 years of expertise, can earn, on average, up to R1.2 million per year.

Skills needed in all related Construction fields.

4. Chartered Accountant

Chartered accounting is the recording and reporting of business transactions, plus issuing of financial statements.

Depending on experience, a South African chartered accountants annual salary can range from R489,000 to R782,000.

5. Lawyer

Legal services are provided by lawyers to private individuals or companies, that include legal advice, court assistance, writing wills or business transactions.

An average gross annual lawyer salary, ranges between R74,000 to R604,000 per annum.

6. Management Consultant

Companies hire management consultants to help assess areas with growth potential and how to enhance performance. They find existing or potential problems and risks, for which they research new solutions.

Early career salaries of management consultants average on R300,000 per year, whereas 10+ years of experience will raise the salary average to R865,000 per annum, or higher.

7. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers develop modern medical machinery and procedures that help make complicated surgeries and life support possible.

With combinations of engineering and sciences, biology, and medicine, they fundamentally change the treatment potential of injuries and diseases.

According to the ERI (Economic Research Institute), a biomedical engineer’s average salary per year, totals on R740,583.

Skills required in all related Engineering fields.

8. Sales manager

Sales managers help reach, and exceed, sales targets and grow company profits, while keeping both customer and worker satisfaction, secure. Companies that hire sales managers include retail or non-retail.

Required degrees are in statistics, or mathematics and a business administration degree or master’s degree.

According to PayScale, the average gross salary of sales managers in South Africa (before deductions and bonusses), range between:

R121,000 – R699,000.
An entry-level sales manager being at the lower end of the pay scale, and experienced sales managers possibly earning up to R720,000 annually.

Skills required in all related Sales fields.

9. Pilot

Commercial pilots are responsible for safe flight operations, preflight planning and checking aircraft performance.

Employed pilots have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, with completion the required flying hours, and specialized training includes: a Current Commercial Pilot’s License from the Federal Aviation Administration, an Airline Transport Pilot Licenses (ATPL) and certifications. Significant commercial pilot work experience is always welcome.

A pilot salary in South Africa varies from an entry-level average of R690,000 to an experienced level where commercial pilots earn on average up to R950,000 per year.

Skills required in all related Transport fields.

10. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Engineers are in high demand in South Africa, and globally.

Most bigger companies need help in protecting their technology. Cyber Security rates as the most valuable hiring skill.

Entry-level positions in Cyber Security Engineering has an earning potential of almost R300,000.
Mid-level with 5+ years of experience average on R503,000.
10+ years of Cyber Security Engineering experience can raise salary averages to R712,155 annually.

These 10 highest job salaries in South Africa are mostly all positions that are also very high in demand.

Skills required in all related Cyber Security and Technology fields.

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The 10 highest job salaries in South Africa. Jaw-droppers!
The 10 highest job salaries in South Africa. Jaw-droppers!

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