The 10 highest job salaries in South Africa

(Source: PayScale, Economic Research Institute, Indeed)

Starting with #10 ... The highest paying jobs of South Africa are:

10.Cyber Security Engineer Cyber Security Engineers are in high demand. Cyber Security is the most valuable hiring skill. Annual average earning potential: Entry-level positions: R300,000. 10+ years of Cyber Security Engineering experience: R712,155.

9. Pilot Commercial pilots are responsible for safe flight operations, preflight planning & checking aircraft performance. Average annual salaries:   Entry-level: R690,000 - Experienced level: R950,000

8. Sales manager Sales managers help reach, and exceed, sales targets and grow company profits, while keeping both customer and worker satisfaction, secure. Retail and non-retail companies hire sales managers. The average annual gross salary of sales managers (before deductions and bonusses), range from R121,000 - R699,000.

7. Biomedical Engineer Biomedical engineers develop modern medical machinery & procedures, making complicated surgeries and life support possible. Biomedical engineer's average annual salary ranges between R511,002 - R903,511.

6. Management Consultant Management consultants help spot growth potential + how performance enhancements, existing or potential problems & risks, & how to solve them. 1 - 5 years' experience annual salary average: R300,000, 10+ years of experience annual salary average: R865,000, or higher.

5. Lawyer Legal services, such as legal advice, court assistance, writing wills or business transactions, are provided by lawyers to private individuals or companies. An average gross annual lawyer salary, ranges between R74,000 to R604,000 per annum.

4.Chartered Accountant Chartered accounting is the recording and reporting of business transactions, plus issuing of financial statements. Depending on experience, a South African chartered accountant's annual salary can range from R489,000 to R782,000.

3.Architect Architect training and education is an extensive specialized process. Average annual architect salary is R63,000 per month, with Cape Town offering nearly R6,000 higher salaries vs Johannesburg, and Government salaries average on R41,000.

2.Actuary Actuaries are valuable and in high demand as they assess uncertainty and minimize business risk for companies. Average annual salaries:   Entry-level: R471,665. Mid-level: R900,131 Experienced level: R1,030,420

1. Medical specialists In the medical industry, salary amounts spike up with advanced education and extra years of experience. Specialists are in high demand.   Average annual salaries: R1 208 749 Mid-level: R900,131 Experienced level: R1 733 000 Specialist Government Vacancies in Gauteng offer average salaries of R 1 151 570

These 10 highest job salaries in South Africa are mostly all positions that are also very high in demand. Click below to learn more.