Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest Success Magnet

The reasons of Cassper Nyovest Success

South African fans is constantly admiring Cassper Nyovest, because Nyovest, is not merely a super popular South African rapper, he can fill venues like nobody else, and is also a successful entrepreneur. We discuss below how Cassper Nyovest success is as inspirational as it is self-created. 

Born and raised in Mahikeng, North West, Nyovest is:

1. Songwriter, 

2. Entrepreneur, 

3. Record Producer 

4. Amateur Boxer.

According to Celebrity Net Worth Cassper’s 2022 net worth is: 

$3 million – about R48,383,160.

Cassper’s musical career began at age 13 with hip-hop group “Childhood Gangsta”. Since then, album sales and performances brought a lot of wealth. 

The 6 Cassper Nyovest albums are:

1. Tsholofelo (2014) 

2. Refiloe (2015) 

3. Thuto (2017) 

4. Sweet and Short (2018) 

5. Any Minute Now (2020) 

6. Sweet and Short (2021)

He has collected many endorsement deals with different companies, such as Ciroc vodka, MTN, AG Mobile, Shoprite SA, Samsung, Coca-Cola and Drip Footwear.

The 5 Businesses Owned By Cassper Nyovest

1. In 2014, Nyovest acting founder and CEO of his popular independent record label “Family Tree Records”. 

 2. Cassper Nyovest launched the Billiato alcohol brand In 2021.

3. The rapper launched his first Family Tree Store in 2017, which sells Cassper Nyovest tshirts, sweaters and other merchandise. 

4. Due to Nyovest’s partnership with AG Mobile, he launch his own phone, called “AGHashtag”. 

5. A rumoured investment by Cassper Nyovest into sneaker brand, Drip Footwear. 

Cassper Nyovest, boxing enthusiast

On his participation in Celeb City boxing…

The rapper has gone head to head with the likes of Slik Talk and NaakMusiQ. Matches sponsored by Celeb City and regulated by Boxing South Africa. He also hosts celebrity exhibitions. 

These events add to Cassper Nyovest success and building popularity back into one of South Africa’s popular sports.

Cassper Nyovest puts the spotlight on SA boxing in a new, innovative and  entertaining way.

“There is this new trend of celebrities boxing around the world and, in turn, boxing is getting everyone’s attention. We watched it from afar and now there is an opportunity for our country,” – Cassper Nyovest.

Besides boxing, another Cassper passion, is for luxury, pricey automobiles.  

In the Cassper Nyovest garage:

  • Ferrari 458 
  • Bentley Continental GT V8
  • 2020 McLaren GT
  • Rolls Royce Wraith 
  • Mercedes V Class 

Refiloe “Shortpan” Maele Phoolo, born 16 December 1990, known as Cassper Nyovest by your fans, we love you. Stay the awesome role model you are!

Cassper Nyovest Success Magnet - Cassper Nyovest musical career began at age 13 with group "Childhood Gangsta". Since those early years, album sales and performances brought a lot of wealth.
Cassper Nyovest Success Magnet

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