Greatest Most Bizarre Jobs List 2022

On the World’s Most Bizarre Jobs List 2022

Ever wondered what the world’s most bizarre jobs are? We found 27 jaw-droppers.

1. Golf Ball Diver

Golf courses pay divers to find and retrieve golf balls from lakes and dams, which are then cleaned up.

2. Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scenes are cleaned by   professional cleaning teams that specialize in sensitive and disturbing challenges. 

3. Professional Mourner or Wedding Guest

Some people are willing to pay strangers to fill rooms if they fail to have enough sincere people in their lives.

4. Surfing Instructor for Dogs

Every year, many dogs compete in a World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica State Beach, California, and as a result, pay for many surf lessons.

5. Pirate

Themed entertainment cruises for kids and adults need their staff to dress and act as pirates.

6. Professional Queue Holder

Line standers are individuals who will save you time by keeping your place in a queue, and call you at the right time to arrive.

7. Professional Bridesmaids

Professional bridesmaids basically offer services not included by wedding planners, and work directly with the bride.

8. Services include dress fitting and shopping, bachelorette party, putting together a gifts registry and the follow-up of thank you cards.

9. Ghostwriter for Online Dating Apps

Online dating apps, and their more introverted users, created a need for ghostwriters that can help shy individuals express themselves.

10. Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery

An underwater American hotel will get to your pizza delivered by a scuba diver.

11. Chicken Sexer

The poultry industry makes use of gender checkers, chicken sexers, or also known as poultry sorters. They quickly distinguish between newborn hens and roosters.

12. Paranormal Guide

Earn a very generous income from leading tours through haunted mansions, houses and hotels, castles, buildings and cemeteries.

13. Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui experts help companies and private clients optimize flow of energy towards greater health, wealth and luck, by interior and exterior choices. Feng Shui consultancy is a high earning profession.

14. Paper Towel Sniffers

Paper towel manufacturers depend on paper towel sniffers to provide feedback about the product’s fragrance – and pays them well for it.

15. Scent Sniffer

The fragrance industry employs odour sniffers to ensure quality fragrances and scent longevity.

16. Taste Flavorist

Flavorists, food scientists or taste makers, are hired in the food industry. They create tastes, familiar or brand new, by adding chemicals to food.

17. Intimate Scene Setters

Intimacy Coordinators are hired by the TV and movie industry to advise on creating the best kiss, or sex, scene.

18. Professional Snuggler

A kind and empathetic, ethical individual relieves the burden for clients that struggle with loneliness, depression, illness or PTSD through cuddles.

19. Snake Milker

Zoos, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutions employ snake milkers as snake milk is used in developing an anti-venom. The pay is reasonable.

20. Rodents Landmine Harvesting

In Cambodia, large African rats with smell super powers are used to sniff out TNT and detect landmines.  The reward is a treat meal for the rat, and an income for the handler.

21. Alligator Wrangling

In areas of Alligator overpopulation,  wranglers are employed by local Departments of Wildlife to help manage numbers.

22. Professional Sleeper

Pharmaceutical companies hire individuals to sleep for sleep research.

23. Iceberg Spotter Removers

Thanks to the 1911 Titanic tragedy, the world now has Iceberg Spotters that sometimes spot icebergs and tow away or find ways around them. 

24. Aeroplane designs

Aeroplane painters refresh old planes with new designs or a fresh coat of paintwork.

25. Drying Paint Watching

Paint Watchers have to paint cardboard sheets and monitor how long it takes to dry and determine how the paint mixes.

26. Dog Food Taster

Dog food gets taste-tested before it gets shipped to stores. The testers provide taste and quality assurance on all edible dog products.

27. Water Slide Testers

When water parks and hotels install new water slides, they need to be tested multiple times to ensure a smooth, safe slide.

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Most Bizarre Jobs List 2022 - On the World's Most Bizarre Jobs List 2022
On the World’s Most Bizarre Jobs List 2022

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