Say what? Watch Netflix and get paid? Top 6 amazing ways

How to Watch Netflix and get paid

Want to turn your natural talent into money? We always hear: Everyone should be passionate about their job.
What do you do when your passion is popcorn, couch and tv?  You find a way to watch Netflix and get paid? Sure! We will share 7 different ways you can earn an income this way.

A favorite daydream is to relax on the couch, stream favorite shows, and get paid for doing it… Amazingly, there are real, legitimate ways of earning, from your couch, streaming Netflix!

Keypoints to watch Netflix and get paid:

  • 1. Netflix Jobs;
  • 2. EduBirdie;
  • 3. MyPoints;
  • 4. Swagbucks;
  • 5. InboxDollars;
  • 6. Blog/YouTube;
  • 7. Baby-sit

7 Real ways to get paid for, or while, watching Netflix:

1. Netflix
Netflix itself offers the opportunity to watch shows on its platform and get paid to do so.

“Netflix taggers” are paid by Netflix to watch shows and assign a specific tag to them. Those tags include release dates, language, genre, etc.

TIP: Check the Netflix job board regularly for tagger opportunities, also advertised as metadata analysts.

2. EduBirdie
EduBirdie hires others to watch Netflix. As a Smart Watcher on EduBirdie, you receive a one-month subscription to Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The viewer has to watch three episodes of a 10-episode series, and then complete a questionnaire.

Smart Watchers receive a one-time payment of $1,000.

3. MyPoints
MyPoints rewards members for watching videos. Set up your video playlist on your phone, and watch your Netflix on TV at the same time.

Points can also be earned through surveys, and printing and redeeming coupons.

4. Swagbucks
Swagbucks pay their users when they complete watching videos. Sign up for free and let the videos play on your phone in-between streaming Netflix on your TV.

Earn free gift cards and make cash by using the Swagbucks App from your Google Play.

5. InboxDollars
InboxDollars gives their members virtual scratch-off card rewards, ranging from small amounts to 100’s of dollars. Watch videos on your phone, with Netflix on in the background.

6. Start a blog or YouTube Channel
Blogs or YT Channels that are dedicated to watching Netflix shows and movies. Binge watch a new Netflix series and review it after each episode. Be specific about your likes or dislikes and write descriptive.

Post the reviews on your blog or YouTube channel, generate traffic to it and get paid through ads. Sign up to Google Ads or choose from this list  of AdSense alternatives:

  • PropellerAds;
  • Monumetric;
  • InfoLinks;
  • Bidvertiser;
  • ylliX;
  • RevenueHits;
  • Adcash;
  • Sovrn //Commerce;
  • PopCash;
  • Setupad;
  • PopAds;

You would need to choose a blogging platform. such as WordPress, and a hosting platform. WiX provides a clever A-Z guide that will walk you through every step of creating a blog.

Before you post a video, make sure to set up your channel right.
Once you are set up correctly, you can start creating right away!

7. Sign up to a sitter agency
Baby-sit only at night and get Paid to watch your favorite show or sport from a new couch once the kids fall asleep. Happy days!

Watch Netflix and get paid? Imagine you relax on a couch, stream favorite Netflix shows, and get paid for it. This guide will show you 7 ways to do it.
Watch Netflix and get paid?

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