Working for Momentum in South Africa

Working for Momentum

“We invest in our people by offering exceptional career prospects to skilled and talented individuals who share our values of diversity, integrity, accountability, innovation, teamwork and excellence. Always striving to remain ahead of the rest, our team enjoys continuous learning and development initiatives to help enhance their skills and knowledge.” – Momentum 

Momentum As Employer

Momentum Pay Rates:

Average Pay Rate for Momentum. Workers in South Africa: R346,000 per year.

Average pay at Momentum, Inc. ranges R19,000 – R2m.

Popular Momentum. Jobs and Pay Rates:

Momentum Jobs by Salary

Actuarial Analyst

Pay Range: R257,000 – R665,000

Average: R415,338

Financial Advisor

Pay Range: R67,000 – R449,000

Average: R204,986

Data Analyst

Pay Range: R85,000 – R426,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R220,155

Software Developer

Pay Range: R205,000 – R759,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R432,008

Business Systems Analyst

Pay Range: R190,000 – R712,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R402,672

Insurance Claims Consultant

Pay Range: R160,000 – R398,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R283,285

Test Analyst

Pay Range: R84,000 – R392,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R240,152

Information Security Analyst

Pay Range: R85,000 – R250,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R163,085

Healthcare Consultant

Pay Range: R67,000 – R642,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R211,559

Business Process / Management Consultant

Pay Range: R123,000 – R786,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R349,281

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Pay Range: R197,000 – R829,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R463,597

Equity Analyst

Pay Range: R221,000 – R493,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R326,406

Senior Business Analyst

Pay Range: R535,000 – R1m (Estimated *)


Financial Planner

Pay Range: R47,000 – R442,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R183,960

Risk Analyst

Range: R122,000 – R547,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R290,796

Graphic Designer

Pay Range: R162,000 – R536,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R313,430

Quantitative Analyst

Pay Range: R360,000 – R669,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R519,485

Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)

Pay Range: R119,000 – R759,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R403,823

Marketing Coordinator

Pay Range: R147,000 – R456,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R281,053

Personal Assistant

Pay Range: R97,000 – R421,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R214,839

Office Administrator

Pay Range: R88,000 – R348,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R177,648

Front End Developer / Engineer

Pay Range: R265,000 – R779,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R495,555

Java Software Developer / Programmer

Pay Range: R157,000 – R582,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R330,993

Operations Analyst

Pay Range: R133,000 – R549,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R270,142

Call Center Agent

Pay Range: R25,000 – R203,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R99,336

Administrative Assistant

Pay Range: R69,000 – R257,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R143,202

Systems Analyst

Pay Range: R233,000 – R741,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R451,027

Communications Specialist

Pay Range: R174,000 – R576,000 (Estimated *)

Average: R347,510

Business Analyst, IT

Average: R333,079

Client Services Specialist

Average: R239,231

Business Analyst, Finance/Banking

Average: R482,442

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Average: R616,953

Quantitative Analyst, Risk

Average: R373,562

Trader, Equities

Average: R423,672

Quality Control Manager

Average: R393,543

Quality Assurance Manager

Average: R386,256

Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist

Average: R178,197

Trainer, Employee / Human Resources (HR)

Average: R327,216

Test / Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer (Computer Software)

Average: R331,540

Product Subject Matter Expert

Average: R452,506

Product Specialist, (Unspecified Type)

Average: R501,056

Training & Development Specialist 

Average: R415,616

Product Development Specialist

Average: R522,650

Pricing Specialist

Average: R186,807

Trust Officer 

Average: R437,006

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

Average: R268,266

Territory Sales Manager

Average: R573,037

Support Engineer

Average: R229,144

Systems Administrator

Average: R411,052

Sr. Human Resources (HR) Manager

Average: R967,559

Sr. Human Resources (HR) Business Partner

Average: R691,495

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Average: R263,769

Service Manager (General)

Average: R528,085

Senior UX Designer

Average: R339,315


Average: R191,196

Senior Systems Engineer

Average: R329,551

Senior Professional Service Consultant

Average: R238,976

Senior Java Developer

Average: R846,717

Senior Graphic Designer

Average: R475,981

Tax Accountant

Average: R310,813

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Average: R191,392

Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

Average: R562,086

Team Leader, General

Average: R398,900

Technical Support Analyst

Average: R346,961

Sales Administrator

Average: R176,285

Technical Support Engineer

Average: R95,876

Retention Specialist

Average: R193,026

Senior Trader, Equities

Average: R646,217


Average: R251,831

National Account Manager

Average: R556,391

Data Engineer

Average: R448,647

Data Administrator

Average: R189,767

Customer Service Team Leader

Average: R254,506

Customer Service Specialist

Average: R191,349

Credit Risk Manager

Average: R520,757

Corporate Trainer

Average: R281,814

Communications Coordinator

Average: R243,483

Client Relationship Manager

Average: R266,899

Claims Administrator

Average: R295,694

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Average: R1,250,660

Call Center Manager

Average: R512,961

Business Intelligence Manager

Average: R960,730

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

Average: R330,780

Billing Clerk

Average: R110,866


Average: R404,301

Assistant Financial Consultant

Average: R190,386

Application Support Specialist

Average: R329,241

Application Developer

Average: R738,404

Event Coordinator

Average: R358,750

Event Manager

Average: R575,860

Executive Administrative Assistant

Average: R193,982

Executive Assistant

Average: R228,492

Medical Records Clerk

Average: R128,181

Marketing Manager

Average: R526,310

Management Accountant

Average: R369,585

Linux System Administrator

Average: R417,811

Laboratory Manager

Average: R439,811


Average: R253,069

Java Developer

Average: R329,779

Investment Analyst

Average: R664,313

Insurance Underwriter

Average: R252,235

Office Manager

Average: R146,175

Insurance Broker

Average: R141,069

Human Resources (HR) Intern

Average: R91,552

Fund Accountant

Average: R231,704

Fixed Income Analyst

Average: R262,085

Financial Specialist

Average: R265,244

Financial Controller

Average: R257,927

Financial Analyst

Average: R201,124

Financial Advisor Trainee

Average: R89,126

Financial Administrator

Average: R253,530

Film / Video Editor

Average: R148,574

Instructional Designer 

Average: R368,823

Web Content Manager

Average: R295,643

Source: PayScale

All Momentum jobs and applications are available on / from the Momentum website.


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