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16 Ongoing Discounts Vouchers and Specials in South Africa – available and approved

Ongoing Discounts Vouchers and Specials for South Africans

Discounts vouchers and specials help stretch a tight budget for many South Africans – especially when you are unemployed.

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We put together a go-to guide of discounts vouchers and specials below. 

More than ever, South Africans need their budgets to go a lot further. Possible unemployment adds desperation to the situation. We compiled all we could find in terms of where to find South Africa’s best deals, discount vouchers, specials, and Cash Back Rewards

The list consists only of discounts vouchers and specials that fall in the essentials’ category, such as groceries.  When you add up the many savings, it can make up for lost income.  We hope this helps!

In this discounts vouchers and specials guide:

  1. Free products in exchange for your honest reviews
  2. Groceries at a discount with Grocery Deals
  3. Discounts and specials from Voucher Plus
  4. WUHU is free to join and offers fantastic rewards
  5. Spec-Savers for kids
  6. Intercity Xpress Children Discount
  7. Uber, Bolt and Taxify transport discounts
  8. Savings for over 60-year-old’s
  9. GAME
  10. Makro
  11. Dischem
  12. The Golden Arrow Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials
  13. Intercape
  14. Intercity Xpress Pensioner Discount
  15. Tiger Wheel & Tyre Services and Products

1. Free products in exchange for your honest reviews

The online Home Tester Club wants its members to test products and share reviews. Those that are eligible to participate in free product tests, receive product samples delivered straight to their doorsteps.

Home Tester Club requirements:

100% uncensored reviews 

2. Groceries at a discount with Grocery Deals

Get Grocery Deals from the MTN grocery deal with PNP Grocery Deals requirements: R2 per day gets you access to amazing deals. This subscription has to be paid up to date for the usable SmartPOS code SMS to be sent.

Steps to get started:

  • Go to the Deals page after signing up
  • Write down the products or combos that you find on the Deals page that you want to buy. We find, taking  screenshots of the products, make life easier
  • Next, you must get a SmartPOS code and to do so, click on the button that says “Get my Coupon”
  • Wait for the SMS, containing the coupon, to be sent to your phone
  • How to use your SmartPOS code
  • All Pick n Pay Stores in South Africa accepts SmartPOS codes
  • Open the products screenshots you took earlier, and find them in store
  • Get your discounts by giving your SmartPOS code to the cashier

Good to remember: 

  • The R2 p/month subscription allows a single SmartPOS code per calendar month
  • The SmartPOS code will be valid throughout the month, and has no limit on the amount of times it can be used until the available deals have been redeemed
  • But deals are limited to the amount of products shown per deal on the Deals page
  • You can not lose your SmartPOS code. Simply click the “Get my Coupon” button on the Deals page. 
3. Discounts and specials from Voucher Plus   

Access to South African deals, vouchers and discounts through Voucher Plus.

Voucher Plus shares the latest discount vouchers and specials from leading South African retailers with its members. Its members also have access to members-only competitions and a 24-hour contact center for assistance.

Print vouchers from the Voucher Plus website, or receive mobile vouchers by phone. Voucher Plus also offers a service that GPS-filters deals to your phone of specials nearest to you. Simply download the app and show the discount to the cashier on your phone. Members can redeem Voucher codes as many times as you like, but the competitions have limited entry regulations. 

Follow these steps to join Voucher Plus:

  • Click on “Join”
  • You will be asked to provide Personal and Banking details
  • Click on “submit”
  • Receive  your Welcome Mailer and/or SMS login plus user instructions for Voucher Plus

Good to know:

  • You can still use the offer of your choice offline. Save the offer to your phone by simply pressing the “Save” icon while you have internet
  • The membership for R49 per month is paid by debit order
  • Should you wish to cancel your debit order, simply phone 031 812 5099 and request a cancellation

Their specials are for the following categories:

  • Food & Drink
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Health & Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Electrical
  • Student
  • Automotive
  • Special Occasions
  • Top merchants
  • Utilities & Services
  • Baby & Child
  • Gifts & Occasions
  • Home & Garden
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • The Unlimited Airtime
4. WUHU is free to join and offers fantastic rewards

Receive South Africa’s best mobile coupons and rewards through WUHU.

With Wuhu, membership is free, and you get paid just for grocery shopping! South Africans can enjoy discounts of up to 30% on trusted brands through mobile vouchers, coupons and rewards, earned through points deals. 

Points are earned at PNP or DisChem and a minimum of 150 points is needed to start redeeming rewards in the Wuhu Points Store. To earn your cashback, you have to buy any Wuhu participating product and then take a pic of the till slip and upload it to get points, which will show in the top right corner in your Wuhu wallet. 

Buy vouchers or exciting coupons with cashback points. Voucher codes are sent after verification of the till slips, but coupons are instant.

How to redeem your Wuhu points:

Redeem your Wuhu points for free airtime or cash vouchers at Shoprite Checkers, Debonairs Pizza, Steers meals or movie tickets.

How to earn your Wuhu points:

  1. Every scanned till slip (max 10 per month) gets cashback points, plus extra points when you purchase a participating product
  2. You can “complete missions” to earn cashback reward points, by e.g. doing a survey, referring a friend or watching a video
  3. Purchasing specific items earns reward bonuses in the form of stamp cards

Cashback points can be earned from major retailers including Game, Checkers and Shoprite, Makro, Pick n Pay or Spar, Woolworths Food, Clicks and Dis-Chem, Checkstar, Food Town and Cambridge Food.

How to sign up to Wuhu: 

Fill in your first, and last name, your cellphone number and sign up. It’s that easy!

5. Spec-Savers for kids

The “Kids Right to Good Sight” initiative of Spec-Savers offer all kids, aged 6 to 12:

  • a free eye test
  • a free frame
  • and free clear, single vision Aquity lenses

Please confirm this offer is still standing with Spec-Savers. 

6. Intercity Xpress Children Discount 

Children Discount Vouchers and Specials at Intercity Xpress (Nationally):

Intercity Xpress offers children the following discounts:

  • Accompanied kids, younger than 3 years of age, travel free
  • Accompanied children, 3 to 12 years of age, qualify for the following discounts
  • Peak: 15%
  • Off-peak: 20%

Accompanied scholars, aged 12 to 18 years of age, qualify for the following discounts:

  • Peak: 5%
  • Off-peak: 10%

Parents may be asked to show their ID’s or birth certificates at the time of booking.

Please ask whether this discount deal is still running before making any purchases.

7. Uber, Bolt, Taxify and Intercity Xpress transport discounts

Uber, Bolt and Taxify for transport discounts and specials.

To claim your UBER discount of R50, or free ride, for first-time account users, you need to use the provided promo code to sign up and become an Uber member.

A R150 ride can be yours for free when you use the Taxify promo code to sign up on Taxify. 

Get your promo codes for UBER and TAXIFY from Coupon.

8. Discount offers to individuals over 60 years of age

We looked under every rock for you in order to provide a useful list of South African specials. We exclude “all ages” club card initiatives, e g. from Pick n Pay or Clicks.

Please note: a retailer may change details regarding its discounts and sales at any time, we cannot be held liable for any changes.  Make sure to double-check and confirm whether the below specials are running before any purchase or booking. Ask the retailer or company directly for confirmation. We provide website links for your convenience.


Wednesday Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials: GAME Stores (All Branches, Nationally): 10% off, up to R3000.

To qualify, customers must bring their ID’s and apply for a Game Pensioners Card at the in-store customer service desk.

Confirm whether this discount is still on for Wednesdays, before making any purchase.

10. Makro

Everyday is Pensioners Day at Makro offers its senior shoppers discounts on chosen purchases of general merchandise and food, plus priority entry and checkout.

About being a mSenior member:

  • Senior citizens must have, and present, an mSeniors card Plus ID at the cashier to get the discount
  • Discounts are not applicable to items that are already on sale, online shopping, or bulk purchases and are also not cash exchangeable
  • As seen on the Makro website: “Management reserves the right to approve/withdraw discounts at their discretion”. Therefore we advise you to confirm discounts before any purchase

Makro Customer Service on 0860 300 999

11. Dischem

Wednesday Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials at DISCHEM (National Branches) offer double points on in store purchases, plus a free blood pressure test per month, selected salon treatments discounts and exclusive 60 Plus tea party invitations.

To qualify for the Dischem 60 Plus Programme, shoppers must join the programme.

To confirm whether these pensioner deals are still running, contact Dischem or ask the cashier before making a purchase. 

The 15-question aptitude, free quiz will give career results, based on wgat the answers reveal about your personality.


12. The Golden Arrow Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials

The pensioners product from Golden Arrow allows 10 rides at a cost of R61. These work out to R6,10 per ride and are valid for 60 days, on all routes!

The Golden Arrow pensioner products are valid all day on weekends and public holidays. On week days, from 08:00 until 16:00. 

Pensioner products requirements:

Present your ID and special pensioners pass. You need to at least be 60 years of age to get your pass.

Confirm details, or call for guidance: 021 466 7000.

13. Intercape

Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials at Intercape (Nationally) is straight forward.

Requirements for seniors over 60, to get a 15% discount on tickets:

Present your ID when you buy your bus ticket.

Please ask whether this discount deal is still running before you book.

14. Intercity Xpress Pensioner Discount 

Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials at Intercity Xpress (Nationally):

Intercity Xpress offers senior travelers the following discounts:

  • Peak: 5%
  • Off-peak: 10%

To qualify, seniors must show their ID’s at the time of booking.

Please ask whether this discount deal is still running before making any purchases.

15. Tiger Wheel & Tyre Services and Products

The Tuesdays Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials at Tiger Wheel & Tyre (National) that 60 year olds can enjoy on Tuesdays include in-store discounts on services, tyres or selected services and products.

Present your driver’s licence to qualify for Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s Pensioner Discount Vouchers and Specials.

Ask your Tiger Wheel & Tyre directly to confirm whether this pensioner discount is still running. 

We trust that you will find helpful discounts vouchers and specials here. aims to help jobseekers find jobs, get jobs and survive financially difficult times. We will continue to search for discounts vouchers and specials to add to this page.


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