Looking for an Engineering Job and want to get Hired Fast?

Recruiters use ATS software to find keywords in applications. TIP: catch a recruiter’s attention, by highlighting skills, as required in the job ad.

1. List skill requirements from the job description & your own skills. 2. Find the matching skills from the 2 lists. 3. Add those on your CV and application.

HARD and SOFT skills: Soft skills are personality traits, that help training-based, hard skills flow. E.g. accuracy (s) and technical (h). Cultivate skills that benefit your career. Freelance, volunteer or take a free online course to gain more.

Civil Engineer Skills Examples Hard: ETABS - Physics - AutoCAD - STAAD - Autodesk Revit - Structural design - Project management Soft: Critical and Creative Thinking - Interpersonal - Time management - Attention to detail - Problem solving

15 Engineering Career Paths: 1. Cable technician 2. Chemical Engineer 3. Chemist 4. Civil Engineer 5. Computer Engineer

6. Database Developer 7. Electrical Engineer 8. Electronic Technician 9. HVAC 10. Industrial Engineer

11. IT Technician 12. Mechanical Engineer 13. Python Developer 14. Quality Control 15. Solutions Architect

Find Engineering Jobs: 1. Get to the Search Block 2. Select Engineering in the Category bar, and/or; 3. Type in the Keyword bar, e.g. HVAC 4. Hit SEARCH!

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