Ever wondered what the world's most unusual careers are? We found 26 jaw-droppers. Best Paid: No 12 Most Fun: No 26

1. Golf Ball Diver - Hired by Golf Courses

2. Crime Scene Cleaners - Specializing in sensitive and disturbing challenges

3. Professional Mourner or Wedding Guest - To make up numbers when needed

4. Surfing Instructor for Dogs - Let that sink in

5. Professional Pirates - Hired by the entertainment cruise industry

6. Professional Queue Holder - Paid to save time. Time is money

7. Professional Bridesmaids - Employed by the bride

8. Ghostwriter for Online Dating Apps - Reasonable earning potential

9. Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery - Hired by underwater hotels

10. Chicken Sex Spotter - Sorting hens from roosters, a.k.a "Poultry Sexer"

11. Paranormal Guide - Surprising Earning!

12. Feng Shui Consultant - Hired to energy consult

13. Paper Towel Sniffers - Employed by paper towel manufacturers

14. Scent Sniffer - Determining quality fragrances and scent longevity

15. Taste Flavorist - Hired by the food industry to create tastes

16. Intimate Scene Setters - To create the best kiss, or sex scene

17. Professional Snuggler For kind, empathetic, ethical individuals

18. Snake Milker The pay is reasonable

19. Rodents Landmine Harvesting The reward is a treat meal for the rat, and an income for the handler

20. Alligator Wrangling Helping Departments of Wildlife manage numbers

21. Professional Sleeper For sleep research

22. Iceberg Spo tter Removers Thanks to the 1911 Titanic tragedy, the world now has Iceberg Spotters

23. Aeroplane designs Responsible for fresh coats of paint in the air

24. Watching Paint Dry Surprise! this is not just a saying

25. Dog Food Taster Dog food quality assurance

26. Water Slide Testers To have Hospitality minus hospital

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