How to get hired fast – An All-inclusive guide

Follow these steps to get hired fast. This is the winning strategy, as it was told to us by recruiters. Follow each point exactly, if you wish to find employment and get hired fast for your dream job.

Key points: Step 1: Looking Step 2: Free CV Step 3: Cover letter Step 4: Online profile Step 5: Social media profiles Step 6: How to apply right Step 7: Interview success Step 8: Follow up

1. Search Daily: Search, bookmark & shortlist jobs, put together applications & email. Monday to Friday – and repeat.

TIP: If you want a Government job, visit - they've been publishing daily Gov jobs for over 10 years

2. Make the most of your CV, experience & references. TIP: skills are the gateway between you and an interview

If you lack a vital skill, and not as employable as you can be, consider TVET colleges as they have super low fees and allow students without matric.

Use the skill keywords from "requirements" in the job ad, that match your own unique skills.

3. Cover letter Point out previous experience in which you used the same skills that will be needed for the job that you're applying for.

4. Online profile An online profile can benefit you greatly because employers can search for the profiles they want, such as an HR manager. Keep to 200 words maximum.

5. Your social media profile should paint you in a very good light. If you get it wrong, it will hurt your image. Remember, you are the brand. Only 4% of recruiters don’t use social media in hiring. Read that again and think about it

6. How to apply successfully: - Research the company’s website; - Edit your resumé keywords every time you apply for a new job online; - Type formal, but friendly, sentences with perfect grammar and spelling; - Fill all sections with an answer. Even if “I don’t know”.

7. Interview success Again, infuse your answers with skill words. TIP: Research and study the job requirements carefully beforehand. Make sure this comes across in the interview.

Ask important questions: - Discuss the company’s direction; - Ask about the company’s 5 year achievement plan; - How your role and skills would help the company reach success; - What could be expected as the biggest challenges regarding your role.

8. End your interview with a thank you Also follow up the next day with a short thank-you email to the interviewer. Confirm that you are very interested in the position and wish them success with the hiring process.

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