"Being selected by Disney Cruise Line means you are part of something truly unique." - Disney Cruise Line The benefits of working for Disney is truly staggering!

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Disney Cruise Line Benefits Include: 1. Disney Discounts on specific products, and hotels, dining, and merchandise, recreation locations and experiences.

2. Free Theme Park Entry. 3. Disney Cruise Line helps its workers with educational reimbursement.  A 100% tuition is paid upfront by Disney Aspireat to network schools for full-time and part-time employees.

4. Disney Cruise Crew members are paid competitive rates bi-weekly and  vacation + sick leave are available to full-time workers. 5. On-site, affordable child care solutions at chosen work locations.

6. Affordable Health Insurance options, including medical, dental and vision coverage, is possibly available for full-time positions plus resources for well-being, such as on-site fitness classes.

Contract lengths vary on position and need. Duration for most positions is 4-6 months. Accommodation Onboard, crew members live onboard during the contract period.

Unless single cabins are available, crew members share a cabin. Cabins are equipped with a bed each, bathroom, closet, storage space and small lockable area, desk, TV/DVD player, mini-refrigerator and telephone.

Onboard recreation locations and activities for crew Crew may use the crew pool (varies based on ship assignment) and outdoor deck, 24-hour crew gym, recreation room, and more.

Crew Engagement Managers work onboard Disney Cruise Line to provide moments of fun and relaxation for crew members, such as karaoke, trivia nights or special movie premieres uniquely for crew members.

To find Disney Cruise Line Jobs: 1. Disney Cruise Line partners with  approved 3rd party hiring agencies around the world.  These procurement allies have permission to recruit for a vacancies.

2. To apply to a Disney Cruise Line Shipboard position, visit the Shipboard on https://jobs.disneycareers.com

3. Select the location that you have a valid passport for. 4. Find available Disney Jobs. 5. Apply directly via DCLjobs.com unless you are asked to send application information to a Procurement Ally.

Requirements to work onboard Disney Cruise Line: 1. Minimum experience 2. Passion about a high standard of guest service. Specifically with families 3. Commits to safety, efficient friendliness, inclusive and show 4. Grow with Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line encourages workers to grow knowledge and skills for every position. Crew transfer needs will be met & can explore a world of possibilities across the different Disney teams.

New crew members and officers undergo extensive training. This is to prepare crew to feel at ease, to interact with guests and co-workers, and also connect with The Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company offers many opportunities in the following career fields: 1. Business Support 2. Consumer Goods 3. Creative

4. Finance, Data & Analytics 5. Guest / Customer Service 6. Innovation, Technology & Science(s) 7. Marketing & Sales 8. Operations Support 9. Production & Entertainment

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