Social Media marketing is indispensable for brands globally as Influencers have power, being more relatable.  It is a dream career for many.

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Steps to become an influencer: 1. Create Content Find your niche subject, based on skills & expertise. Create content consistently. 2. Be Worthy Have a content-full blog.

3. Relatable Influencers are relatable. Ask questions & answer comments. 4. Platform choose your main SM platform, grow & be active! Then branch out to other channels to reach more people.

TIPS: - Switch to a business account; - Create a professional Bio; - Use a professionally edited profile pic and clearly display contact info.

5. Keep Diary: Keep an editorial calendar & plan your posts ahead. 6. Connections: Connect & network on / offline & join platforms / agencies.

7. Create a Media Kit: - Show audience stats + figures, insights, demographics & geographical reach. - List previous brand collaborations.   - List your accolades, awards or (quoted) praise received.

- Provide a full fee structure, or email address to request one. - Make paid ads, brand collaborations, & sponsored content visible.

9. Subscribe to Useful Publications: Know of algorithm changes & software updates, new apps + SM trends.

10. Mind Map Form a plan of action to be incorporated in your calendar.

How much can you make as an influencer? Instagram income typically ranges from $75 p/post to $10,000 p/post.

The 10 best Instagram earners of 2022 included 2 Soccer Stars, a few Kardashians, singers and actors. 

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