The TRANSPORT JOB SKILLS you need if you want to get hired fast.

TRUCKING Truck drivers transport to your area almost all you can buy. Pay: entry-level, reasonably good Education requirements: driving license, high school diploma / equivalent.

Beneficial HARD/TECHNICAL Skills for Truckers include:  1. Vehicle maintenance + on-the-spot repairs; 2. Refrigerated trailers; 3. Flatbed trailers; 4. Maps Navigation & GPS; 5. First aid and CPR SOFT SKILLS: Self- and time management; Interpersonal; Sense of direction; Problem solver

DELIVERIES The delivery & courier driver will deliver items to addresses as assigned. Type: entry-level job Requirements: driver’s license, possibly a high school diploma.

Beneficial HARD & SOFT Skills of Delivery Drivers include: 1. Route planning; 2. Commercial truck operation; 3. Maps navigation & GPS; 4. Stress management; 5. Problem solver; 6. Good hand-eye coordination;

Do you own a vehicle and want to supplement your income? Note: Uber requires certain criteria from its drivers and their vehicles, to ensure a safe user experience..

Uber drivers beneficial HARD & SOFT Skills include: 1. First aid and CPR; 2. Planning best routes; 3. Customer service skills; 4. Vehicle maintenance; 5. Decisiveness; 6. Friendly; 7. Time management; 8. Multitasking & Problem solver.

DISPATCHERS Responsible for processing products, service or vehicle need, via message or phone call & organizing appropriate actions to fulfill the need. E.g. A hospital dispatcher will send emergency health services + ambulance to the sight of emergency.

The beneficial HARD & SOFT Skills of  Dispatchers include: 1. Microsoft Office; 2. Google Docs; 3. Management; 4. Dispatching console & switchboard; 5. Calm under pressure; 6. Empathy; 7. Decisiveness + problem solver.

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