Read for money

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You can get paid to read. Let that sink in... 5 x Fantastic Ways to Make Money Reading.

ONLINE BOOK CLUB Pay: $5 to $60 Receive a free book and get paid for your review of that read. To begin, sign up, simply with your email.

WORDSRATED Pay: $200 Get paid for every read book. The focus of WordsRated, a “non-commercial research organization”, is on books, literature, and publishing data.

Example: in a published report, WordsRated revealed the decrease of black characters appearing in children’s literature bestsellers.

Currently,  according to Newsweek reports, the representation of women in modern novels (from 2022 New York Times bestsellers), is under the looking glass.

As "Bibliofile-at-large" contractor, you’ll be given books to read, and asked to give specific details about each book. E.g. how many sentences were given to male in contrast to female characters, or other specifics that appear in the book.

BOOKLIST Pay: $15 for each review Booklist reviews help guide school and public library workers in purchasing and suggesting books.

Booklist reviews are 150-175 words long, and exist to help a librarian put that book in the hands of its ideal reader.

While a library degree is not required, Booklist wants reviewers who are familiar with libraries and books.

Becoming a Booklist reviewer starts with filling out a reviewer application. Be clear about your experience and interests so that you can be paired with the right books.

BOOK LINKS Pay: Freelance Book Links, the sister publication of Booklist, arrives packaged with Booklist quarterly, and helps teachers and school librarians with  children’s literature classroom curriculum.

AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR As an audiobook narrator, you would get paid to read books aloud.   Create an Amazon account, apply to be a narrator, and choose your preferred payment method.

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