Want to work for STATSSA?

To be considered for Statistics SA vacancies: Complete and sign a Z83 form, attach your CV, include copies of qualification(s) & the matric certificate, ID and drivers license (if applicable).  Ask whether copies need to be certified beforehand. Forwarded your application to the address given in the job ad. Applications are only considered if they arrive before the provided closing date.

CV's must be recently updated and correct at the time of application. Also include: - Contactable references. - Certified copies of qualifications (if relevant)+ ID document and (if Non-SA Citizen) proof of permanent residence in South Africa. - Foreign qualifications must be evaluated by the SA Qualifications Authority & submitted. - Attach certified copies of driver's licenses if required by the job.

Note: Only successful, short listed candidates will be contacted within three (3) months after the closing date. Important: Applying for STATSSA is always, without fail, free. You will never be asked to pay for any step during the application.

Contact details of the Statistics SA: Number: (012) 310 8911 Email: info@statssa.gov.za Address: ISIbalo House, Koch Street, Salvokop, Pretoria User information Number: (012) 310 8600 Email: info@statssa.gov.za

Find STATSSA vacancies in the Search Block: 1. Type or copy / paste in the Keyword bar: Statistics SA 2. Select Government in the Category space; 3. Hit SEARCH.

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