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The ATS software used by recruiters find keywords in applications. TIP: hold a recruiter’s attention, by highlighting skills, as required in the job ad.

Skills improve employability. Add your skills in the SKILLS + EDUCATION of your resume & explain in the experience section how you more about your skills in previous positions and projects.

5 Typical ADMINISTRATION hard & soft Skills: Front Desk, Booking & Reservations, Office Support, Data-entry, Filing

5 Typical PAYROLL CLERK hard & soft Skills: Accuracy, Data Processing, Analytical Skills, Finance, Attention to Detail 

5 Typical CUSTOMER SERVICE hard & soft Skills: Friendliness, Problem-solving, Written and Speech Communication, Active Listening, Product Knowledge.

5 Typical WORD PROCESSOR hard & soft Skills: Document creation, Typing, Formatting, Spreadsheets, Proofreading Entries for Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Format.

The COMPUTER LITERATE skill includes all duties that involve working with a computer, such as inputting orders or appointments into computers, data-entry, etc.

Find Office Jobs: 1. Get to the Home Page Search Block; 2. Select Office in the Category option and/or; 3. Add a Keyword, e.g. Filing 4. Hit SEARCH!

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