Full-time mom & foodie entrepreneur, India Timmis, hustles success with Instagram-friendly, homemade, and custom-designed food platters for family parties, or clients such as British Airways and Amazon.

Source: Star Grazing Co., Insider, The Sybarite. Images + Video: @stargrazingco (IG)

Her Steps to Success: 1. India found & booked balloons from a balloons company with a big Instagram following. 2. She then rented & dressed up a party room, 3. and created party food platters for an incredible photo-shoot for social media.

"I made it very clear that everything was HOMEMADE, in capital letters — the pesto, the hummus — and took hundreds of photos. That fake setup was what I first went out with," India said. She got booked straight away for a birthday party's grazing tables.

4. After posting, she tagged the right people, including the popular balloon company. 'Grazing Tables, Platters or Boxes' Definition: aesthetic, artful arrangement and layout designs of abundant, food buffets. Often seen in luxury hotels, business or posh events like weddings.

Quality Control: "All the cakes are home-baked by me. I made a promise to myself that I'd never shop/buy, and the way to keep prices high was the homemade side — being organic and fresh, not stock from the cheapest supermarket around,"

“Kids will eat what looks delicious, and if you mix some of their favourite sweets with colourful crudités and homemade dips, you will see wonderful results in what they learn to eat!”, India added.

In time, she found grazing platters made more sense & dropped tables. The platters each have unique designs & are available in different size options, from about $197.

Biggest booking to date: $5,474. Peak periods: Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween. Long list of big names that Star Grazing Co company has worked with, include: Facebook, Amazon, Toyota and British Airways.

"A sensational grazing table. We can't wait to work with you again!" FACEBOOK A few great tips: 1. Use brownies to edge a platter. They stick down and hold all rollaway items secure.

2. "Add your sandwiches last, and then wrap the platter right away so they stay fresh," India suggests. 3. "... save the more luxurious, expensive items for the end so they're on full display and the first thing clients look at." India also added.

The beautiful platters' set-up fee of $250.00 is added to a per person / design price and Food Boxes cost from $65 - $116 per box.

Currently, Star Grazing Co. gets 40% of its business via referrals or repeat business and about 10% via the company's website.  Nearly 50% of the Star Grazing Co. clients arrive via the company Instagram page.

Timmis also teach platter-making classes over Zoom, or in person for $253 and $355 a person. She is next planning to publish a how-to, step-by-step, food-art book guide.

India Timmis, you are the super star and an inspiration to us all. For more info, and contact details, click below.