Personality Quiz

15 quick questions 

INSTRUCTIONS: TAP the screen to pause; Add up each round's points, to a total, and... Match your final score to your ideal job result

Q: I get a text msg of unexpected guests that are on their way... A: Fly into the fridge to figure out snacks (30 points) B. Attack my house like a worried hotel cleaner (20 points) C. Put together a great Spotify playlist (40 points) D. Grab my car keys & dodge the situation like a pro (10 points)

Q: When my mind wanders, I'm... Enjoying a gorgeous, serene sunrise (30 points) B: At a T-junction with choices to be made (40 points) C: In an exciting, bustling city (10 points) D: Surrounded by wind and lightning (20 points)

Q: I decide to spend my surprise bonus on... A: The designer shoes I deserve (40 points) B: I throw the biggest party - its a no -brainer! (30 points) C: Get a 1st class flight (anywhere) (20 points) D: Re-invest the money like the smart person I am (10 points)

Q: A perfect office to me is... A: I've a private & quiet work space  (10 points) B: Comfy arm chairs & coffee, thanks (40 points) C: I belong in my cubicle (20 points) D: Happiest in my local coffee shop corner (30 points)

Q: I finally repaint my room... A: A lovely, fresh green for harmonious feels (30 points) B: The calm, functional grey that I'm into (10 points) C: More is more. Must I choose 1 color? (40 points) D: Blue, to breathe deep & feel free (20 points)

Q: The perfect decor for my new walls... A: An exciting abstract painting (20 points) B: Inspirational quotes (30 points) C: My photographs of loved ones & favourite trips (40 points) D: Achievements & to-do lists for work (10 points)

Q: My ideal workout looks like... A: Gym gym gym - let's go! (20 points) B: The Netflix marathon (10 points) C: Yoga - namasté (40 points) D: Running shoes (30 points)

Q: After exercise,  I reward myself with... A: Brownies! (30 points) B: Ice scream with all the toppings (40 points) C: Salad or smoothie (10 points) D: My favorite, over-the-top, fancy cake (20 points)

Q: In a time machine... A: I'd visit my favorite historical era (40 points) B: The future (I may glance at a few LOTTO numbers) (20 points) C: I'd sell & cash in on my time machine tickets immediately (10 points) D: To my dream destination, in any time (30 points)

Q: Me & social media... A: Don't mix (20 points) B: Have a daily limit of 1 hour (10 points) C: I kill an hour here and there (40 points) D: Joined at the hip (30 points)

Q: On Social Media,  I... A: Share my life regularly. You're welcome! (30 points) B: Use it for news and events (40 points) C: Share laughs & funnies with my friends (10 points) D: Other (20 points)

Q: On my "Worst Ideas" list... A: Someone poses as me on social media (30 points) B: Same holiday place + same people - forever (20 points) C: Someone else decides my daily shoes - for a season (40 points) D: Annoying colleague becomes my superior (10 points)

Q: On a very good day, I... A: Fix a technical problem, no one else could (20 points) B: Help a friend work through a longtime problem (30 points) C: Was begged to be project leader (10 points) D: Lost in a creative project with all the materials I need (40 points)

Q: I just won forever free rides at the amusement park & chooses... A: Bumper cars get my blood pumping! (10 points) B: The crazy new roller-coaster (20 points) C: Romantic merry-go-round for beautiful selfies (30 points) D: Permanent access to the crafts table (40 points)

Q: I'd rather be... A: A villain that is respected (& feared) (10 points) B: The anonymous hero that lets others take the credit (30 points) C: Have a happy heart, but empty wallet (40 points) D: Wealthy, but lonely (20 points)

Add up your total... Let's match you with your ideal job!

A 150 - 260 Score: You are very business minded, and greatly perceptive! In your ideal career path, you will be transforming raw data into valuable business insights which leads to strategic planning and good decisions, with good leadership.

I5 Examples of jobs you can consider: Economist Sales management Software engineer Events coordinator Project manager These are in-demand positions that have great salaries.

A 270 - 380 Score: You are a natural born humanitarian. To study the chemical and physical principles of living things, and biological processes, interests you and you want to work meaningfully towards a better future. With strong research skills, you would do well in statistics, examiner and data science.

270 - 380 continue... 5 Examples of jobs: Biochemist Software development Mechanical engineering Information security Academic researcher >>> Many research and computer science positions are remote.

390 - 490 People love you! You are a people's person that listen with attention and speak with clarity and authority. Skills include a love to learn, share knowledge and helping others. People come to you as their leader, for advice, and inspiration.

390 - 490 continue... 5 Examples of ideal jobs: Teacher or skills trainer Host or hostess Social or healthcare work Sales manager Customer service representative Tip: Tutors earn very well working from home

490 + You are an old soul, that is guided by intuition and emotions! Artistic, creative and spontaneous, your ideal career field will most likely include painting, music, design or writing.

490 Continue... Popular jobs to consider: Writing or copywriter Illustrator, fine artist or typography Fashion, print, graphic or interior design Curator or conservator Photography, marketing and branding >>> Regardless of an increase in AI jobs, we will see an equally high demand for "human creativity". Your creativity will be greatly employable and you will be paid well