Q: Which countries offer the easiest employment visas?

A: the following 12 countries (no particular order):

Mexico Days allowed: 180 days - easily extendable up to 4 years.

Columbia Time allowed: two years.

Estonia Digital nomad visa: Time allowed: 1 year.

Svalbard Time allowed: Indefinitely.

Australia Ages of 30 to 55 years old + higher education + expert in your field + relevant work experience.

New Zealand Several working visa categories covering a range of skills, including for age groups over 50.

Germany Job seeker visas let you stay in Germany for months to find work. Freelance visa. Artist Visas are limited to Berlin.

Netherlands Self-employment visa: Following completion of a 1 Year program for entrepreneurs.

South Korea E2 teaching visa: Teach English with only a bachelor’s.

Canada Express Entry Program

The Czech Republic Zivno visa + Regular Work Visa.

Mauritius digital nomad visa: Time allowed in the country is 1 year -  option to renew.

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