Phase IV of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) has just started

Phase IV of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI)

The Basic Education Sector’s Phase IV of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative, implemented as the Basic Education Employment Initiative (PYEI-BEEI) started on 1 February 2023.

Contact details of national and  provincial offices of the Department of Basic Education:

The implementation of Phase I – III was a success. Over 850 000 jobs were created for South African youth, and the aim for Phase IV is job opportunities for 255 000 youth across South Africa.

This next phase will run respectively in two groups of 150 000 and 105 000 youth.

The first cohort (1 February 2023) saw the start of the 150 000 group, whereas the second group of 105 000 will kick off on on 1 May 2023.

KwaZulu-Natal will appoint a single group, starting on March 2023, and Western Cape started appointing for its single cohort on 1 February 2023.

Eastern Cape

Phase Target: 40 100
Cohort 1: 8 642
Cohort 2: 31 458

Free State

Phase Target: 15 500
Cohort 1: 6 200
Cohort 2: 9 300


Phase Target: 40 000
Cohort 1: 24 600
Cohort 2: 15 400


Phase Target: 58 500
Cohort 1: 58 500
Cohort 2: 0


Phase Target: 35 000
Cohort 1: 17 500
Cohort 2: 17 500


Phase Target: 22 000
Cohort 1: 7 200
Cohort 2: 14 800

Northern Cape

Phase Target: 7 000
Cohort 1: 3 500
Cohort 2: 3 500

North West

Phase Target: 16 000
Cohort 1: 4 000
Cohort 2: 12 000

Western Cape

Phase Target: 21 000
Cohort 1: 21 000
Cohort 2: 0

All Provinces Total Phase Target: 255 100
Cohort 1: 151 142
Cohort 2: 103 958

Since every South African community has a public school, job opportunities can be created for the most vulnerable youth. Enabling these young people to stay in their communities, since priority must be given to youth living near the school.

Hiring focus will also be on youth living with disabilities, and girls/females.

The goal of the PYEI Phase IV is to give the youth soft and hard skills, plus work experiences, which are required in the workplace. The youth will gain different exit pathways in the process.

The Department and Provincial Education Departments will link arms with different partners to help achieve this, such as NEMISA, University of Johannesburg, Digify Africa, MTN and Anglo American.
‘’The Department welcomes all the youth to the PYEI-BEEI and encourages them to take full advantage of the opportunities that they will get throughout their contract period’’ said National Project Manager, ‘’these job opportunities can catapult them into even greater things and allow them to develop as professionals’’ Lala Maje
The Department of Basic Education will continue to monitor the impact of the PYEI- BEEI on the sector.

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