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Work from Home Jobs in South Africa:

E-Commerce Production Developer

We are looking for a candidate that possesses a robust skillset to solve an array of problems and present clients with e-commerce features that are easy to use and support. Candidate should exhibit a sound comprehension for business processes, project briefs, timelines, and stakeholder requirements. Aiding others whilst being accountable to management is indicative that he is a well-integrated member of the team. He has a proven debugging record of accomplishment, responds to support with competence and heeds to the advice of his seniors. Has a growing reputation as a trusted source of knowledge and expertise, whilst displaying the necessary humility to continue learning and applying himself.

Writing efficient code and submitting work for code reviews.

Understands and aligns with DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) coding principals.

Developing websites / a website using standard HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / .NET / JavaScript.

Working closely with web designers, developers, project managers and clients to produce and support the websites.

Writes and maintains accurate and detailed development specifications for custom feature development requirements.

Understands the business requirements of the sites and features being built.

Builds features that are easily maintained and in optimal position for handover.

Competent and adaptable enough to support and stabilise other projects on short notice.

Displays a growing competence in implementation of contingency plans in case the website goes down.

Updates web sites to latest code releases and ensuring the website functionality works as intended after an upgrade / deployment.

Communicates clearly with other colleagues in the organisation to facilitate transparency and accountability.

Communicating impediments and displays a high-level ownership to ensure deadlines are met.

Implementation of basic SEO (Search Engine Optimised) standards where required while building a site

Builds features that can be scaled and optimised, thereby delivering further value to clients.


Experience with server-side frameworks ASP, ASP.NET, and .NET core, MVC (Model View Controller)
Experience with database systems such as SQL and MSSQL, etc

Extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.

Ability to multitask with strict time constraints, budgets, and business goals.

Effective personal leadership skills (Communication, time management, conflict resolution, etc.).

Autonomously develop e-commerce features that can effortlessly be built into our core product.

We have adopted a hybrid working model where employees can choose to work remote, onsite or a combination of onsite and offsite as we both see fit.

Job ad active until 7 July 2022


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